The Tony Awards tried to play Bette Midler off mid-speech. Big mistake. Huge.

If the Tony Awards’ producers are going to take anything away from Sunday night it should be that Bette Midler is not to be messed with.

The actress practically stole the show with her epic Best Actress acceptance speech for her role in Hello, Dolly!

Midler had spent minutes thanking her loved ones and peers when the show’s producers stepped in and prompted the orchestra to up their volume in an attempt to politely push the star off-stage. You know, the “wrap it up” music.

Not to be nudged aside, Midler turned and snapped, “Shut that crap off!” and continued speaking as the audience cheered.

The 71-year-old eventually left the stage – after four minutes of talking. But she was far from finished, thanking friends and colleagues who helped her along the way.

In the press room, Midler took to the stage and began by apologising for all the names she missed earlier.

And finishing with as much gusto as she started, the star declared “Bette Midler for president!” as she left the microphone and walked off stage.

Now that’s how to end an award’s night speech.

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