WATCH: Bette Midler sing Kim Kardashian's tweets.

“Ugh I fell asleep with my makeup on” has never sounded more soulful.

People have long questioned the point of Twitter since its inception in 2006. Who really cares what we’re doing in our day, as told in 140 character or less?

But finally, all these years on, we have a reason to love Twitter. Or, more precisely, we have a reason to love Kim Kardashian‘s suuuuper boring tweets.

Because total music royalty/bad ass Bette Midler just got on stage during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and dramatically belted out some of them.

We didn’t know we wanted to see something like this and we certainly didn’t know we NEEDED to see this. But now that we’ve watched it, there’s no going back.

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All hail Midler, queen of hilarity. Please continue to dramatically sing Kardashian’s tweets forevermore.

Watch the full video below.

And in case that made you want to click through a gallery of Kim Kardashian’s face, we’ve got you covered.