Kim Kardashian asked Bette Midler for nudes. And Bette Midler delivered.

Look. When a person normally takes a nude selfie, it gets sent off in cyberspace to a loved one to live forever on an internet server.

But when Kim Kardashian takes a nude selfie, the world wide web generally tends to implode.

It’s been four days since Kim Kardashian once again blessed the online world with her naked figure. Whilst everyone from Piers Morgan to Miley Cyrus and Chloe Grace Moretz have joined in the conversation, one Bette Midler is not yet done talking about the snap.

After originally throwing a lot of shade Kardashian’s way as part of her campaign to become the funniest woman on Twitter, Kim quickly retorted by asking the actress, singer and comedian to send nudes.

Now, Midler has challenged the Queen of Reality TV to put her selfie to work for charity, telling Kim that she can’t take nudes because the lighting’s too bad after all that shade Kim sent her way.

In other news, Twitters most beloved rap artist – Kim’s own husband Kanye West – has also begun tweeting again offering us a gripping insight into the fashion world and his wife, who is “our modern day everything”.

Want more? Watch our modern day everything showing her bestie around her house…

Video by E!