Best and Worst: How has your week been?

How’s your week been?

Today I’ve been asked to get the ball rolling so here I go, this is what have been the best and worst moments of my week.


I’m a pretty tolerant person but there is one thing I absolutely cannot stand and that’s not getting enough sleep. Without at least 7 hours I can’t function. My family and friends will tell you I’m not the nicest person when sleep deprived.

As a Melbournian currently doing a two-week internship in Sydney, I’ve been living the hotel life. And it had been pretty good until last night.

Me (on the right) in Sydney!

After a really long day and feeling exhausted I decided to have an early night. But at about 1 am I woke to the sound of loud talking in a foreign language. The new occupants in the room next door had decided to call a woman on their mobile phone. How do I know they were speaking to a woman?

Because the walls are paper-thin, I could actually hear the woman on speaker. The men, who must have been seriously jet lagged or making the most of time difference, spent a very long time on the phone with her, at times yelling out and laughing hysterically, and at other times pounding their fists against the wall so hard my bed shook.

I lay there pressing the pillow against my ears knowing my alarm was going to ring in a few hours time. All I could think about was the big day ahead of me and how much of a struggle it would be. Yep, the worst.

Sleep deprived how i felt last night
This is how I felt last night. Image via iStock.


Living in a cheap (who am I kidding, it’s Sydney) hotel for two weeks with no cooking appliances means I have to eat out every night or get a little creative with my supermarket shopping. The other day I was telling my friend about how much I miss home cooking. The very next day she brought in the most delicious tasting Spaghetti Bolognese AND Nutella brownies for us to share.

Now food doesn’t normally get me excited but let’s just say it was the best lunch I’d had all week. It’s funny how something so simple as a bowl of pasta can make you so happy.

Anyone who has been the recipient of a random act of kindness knows how good it feels. So thank you Annastasia for spending the night cooking up a storm after a busy day at work. You’re an absolute legend (we’re totes BFF’s now, right?).

bowl of spaghetti
Yum-o. Image via iStock.

Okay that’s it from me but what about you? Tell us about your week.

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