Best and Worst: How has your week been?

Hey MM-ers!

Welcome to Best and Worst; where we all get together and talk about our week. The highs, the lows and everything in between. So take a seat, rejoice in the fact Friday has dawned upon us once more and get started. As a wise woman once said, “Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.”

Best: This week I’ve rejoined the fabulous Mamamia Team. I interned here last year and have been invited back on board to help out with some stuff for the Rogue part of the site. It’s been great seeing all the familiar faces again, meeting the wonderful new faces and checking out the cool new office. Plus, I missed the colourful post-it notes. They always make me feel like I’m getting s**t done.

Worst: I’ve been having major real-estate hassles. Sometimes trying to get in touch with your real estate agent is about as hard as convincing Tony Abbott that Speedos shouldn’t be a thing anymore – it just ain’t going to happen. But I swear to God, next time a moth flies in the broken bathroom window and joins me in the shower, I’m going to have to start thinking of some serious revenge tactics to get my real estate agent to stop ignoring my incessant phone calls and emails and take action.

OMM: (On My Mind) 

I love people who photoshop hilarious things. I think I really need to learn how to do it. In that respect, I know the use-by-date on the Kimye wedding is so up, but as if this isn’t the best photo of the whole wedding.

Anyway, now that I’ve left you with that visual, it’s all over to you. How’s your week been?