'A pair of white pants completely changed my style. Here's why.'

You know when an item of clothing low-key becomes your signature? Like you buy it, and all of a sudden you're wearing it three times a week and you live in fear of the day you've flogged it so hard that it's threadbare and you have to throw it out and that makes you consider buying another one just to have a backup?


Just me?

Well. I guess you've never truly been in love.

But me, oh. I'm in a deeply committed relationship with a pair of pants. Actually, make that two — I did buy a second pair so that when the other ones were in the wash I'd never be without.

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These cream lounge pants from Australian brand Nude Lucy are now so tied to my personality it's almost funny, like not "ha ha" funny but, "Oh, she's wearing the pants again" funny.

Are they pyjama pants? Who knows? Who cares?!

They're a soft cotton with an elasticised waist and a slight flare through the hem that falls at the perfect height. They're unbelievably comfortable and they magically go with everything (and no, this isn't #sponsored — promise).


They've had a sort of contagion effect in my wardrobe where I now have five or so copycat pairs of varying shades, textures and lengths that all essentially serve the same purpose, like a pants insurance policy. Once I realised the gap they filled in my wardrobe, they became my very first and last resort. Park playdate? On go the pants. Dinner with my spouse? Deploy the pants. Coffee with the girls? Pants.



It's funny, because a few years ago I thought I'd never be seen in cream trousers. I was too consumed with thoughts of what my bum would look like in a shade I'd long been told was "unflattering" on the business end of a pear-shaped body, so I just avoided anything white south of my waist.


But in 2022 I got pregnant, and around the middle of my pregnancy I stopped caring so much about what the back of my body looked like to other people (maybe because they, and I, were so fixated on how it looked from the front) — and since then it's been freeing to let go of those self-imposed constraints. Stretchy pants became my go-to while I grew a human, and they have been ever since. Does my bum look big in the pants? Unsure! And also, who gives a s**t?

Anyway. I guess the point I'm making is that everyone has their one item of clothing or that outfit that just feels like them, and how good is it to find it? Maybe it's an oversized blazer and jeans, or your workout gear with your Stan Smith sneakers. One of my very first bosses was Steve Jobs-level dedicated to her uniform of grey cashmere sweaters, dark blue jeans and ballet flats. At the time I thought she was a bit mental, but now I honestly get it.

Because the pants are one of those items I'm often asked about, I thought I'd share a few other similar pairs that you can shop below. Local brands like Sabo, Dissh and Nude Lucy really got the memo on lounge pants and have ample options in different shades and fabrics, whether you're into knit pants or prefer the look of linen.

But this isn't really about pants. It's more to say: if you've found something that feels — deep in your soul — like it really suits you, then just wear the hell out of it. Commit deeply. Make it your signature; find it some friends!


Because after 15 years in the fashion industry, my number one rule of style is "wear what makes you comfortable". We all know the feeling of leaving the house in an outfit that's just wrong. It sucks! Total day ruiner. 

And that's why I bought two pairs, so I'd never have to feel that way again.

Here are some other lounge pants I like (but definitely don't need):

Nude Lucy Lounge Ribbed Pant, $80.

Image: Nude Lucy.


Commonry Nep Pant, $179.95.

Image: Commonry.

Dissh Alder Natural Knit Pant, $149.99.

Image: Dissh.


Sabo Celine Pant, $98.

Image: Sabo.


Uniqlo Washable Knit Ribbed Pant, $39.90.

Image: Uniqlo.

This article is an edited version of Tamara's Substack newsletter, Fash Chat, and has been republished with full permission.

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