Got a wedding coming up? Here are 10 chic hairstyles you can actually do yourself.

The weddings. They're everywhere right now. And while celebrating love is a very good thing after the absolute bin fire that was 2020/2021, if you're anything like us, you're struggling to work out the finishing touches - specifically wtf to do with your hair.

And it's been a minute! Gosh, it has. It's really bloody hard to know what's still trendy and cool. 

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But that's why you have little old us. 

While we've got you sorted on what to wear to weddings, we're also here to help you on the hair front. 

Because there's nothing worse than leaving it to the last minute, swearing in the cab, and walking into the ceremony after the bride (11/10 wouldn't recommend).

Below, we've pulled together some of the best wedding guest hairstyle inspiration you're going to want to try this year.

Half-up, half-down.


Ah! The old half-up, half-down. It's a totally fuss-free style that takes exactly zero time to do - plus, it looks good on every hair type. 

This is a great option if you want to wear your hair down and still rock some length, but want something a little more interesting than just leaving your hair out.

Plus, you can play with some volume at the crown and add clips and accessories to level it up.

Messy topknot.


While we're all here for a sleek, polished hairstyle, there's always something so sexy about a messy bun. 

Swept off your face in a topknot, you can team it with a few soft tendrils falling down either side of your face for a sexy, 'undone' look.  

The best part? Takes, like, three seconds.

Twisted updo.


Even simpler than the messy topknot? The twisted updo. 

All you gotta do is pull your hair back (like you're about to do a ponytail) and twist it up from the nape of your neck, securing it using a claw clip or a statement hair accessory. 

You can make it polished or leave out your fringe/tendrils for an effortless, relaxed look. 

Easy as pie!

Slicked-back bun.


When in doubt, slick it all back. It's one of the most simple, stylish looks you can go for.

The best part? It'll keep your hair out of your face while you're tearing up the dance floor/throwing back shots.

And before you ask - yes, even short hair can pull off this look! Just wear yours super low at the nape of your neck for a polished, effortless look.

High bunches.

How 👏 cute 👏 is 👏 this! 

If you want to switch things up a little and go for something a little more unique than a topknot or low bun, why not try hair bunches or space buns? Go on - you could totally pull it off!


Looks cool AF, no?

Low ponytail.

There's just something about a low ponytail, isn't there? It always looks so chic. 

You can either go with a slicked-back version or a more relaxed style, leaving strands out loose and effortless around your face. 

We love teaming this look with a simple ribbon, a bow or an oversized clip to dress it up.


High ponytail.


Rather than going for your standard pony, mix it up and dish out some serious '90s vibes with a super-high snatched ponytail, like this one worn by Aysha Sow. 

To make it look extra pro, take a small section of hair in the ponytail and wrap the section around the base of your ponytail, securing it with a hairpin. The secret here? Lots and lots of hairspray.

Ariana Grande, is that you?

Ponytail plait.

Ponytail plaits FTW! This style just has a certain type of elegance, making them perfect for weddings.


You can go as messy or polished as you want with this look and style it high or low.

The best part? There are a thousand different types of braids you can play with and style in so many different ways.

Statement clips.


No matter what style you go for, a stack of statement hair clips will level it up by 100. Trust us on this one - it's hands down the easiest way to can add a hint of glamour to a simple 'do (especially if you're in the middle of growing out a fringe).

Fun! Sophisticated! Fresh!


Have you heard? Headbands are back in - and YES we're excited, silly question. And they're miles away from the ones that used to hurt the back of your ears, we promise.

We love them teamed with your hair worn out because it pulls everything back and opens up your face to let that beautiful makeup look shine!

Would you try any of the above hairstyles? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Mamamia/Instagram; @aysha.sow; @georgia.hodge; @jeannine.roxas

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