Meet the man who proposed 365 times before his girlfriend actually said yes.

For those with long-term dreams of monogamy, most expect to be proposed to, or do the proposing, just once in their life.

But not Josh Schmitz.

Josh Schmitz, 29, was convinced he was going to propose to his girlfriend 365 times before she even knew about it, let alone say yes. So he did.

In a proposal that seamlessly puts to shame almost every other proposal and every other romantic, thoughtful effort, Schmitz filmed himself proposing to his long-term love Danielle Roesch every day for a year in their home town of Chicago.

Image via YouTube/River Strategies.

In a 21 minute video he made for his future fiance, Schmitz used an unassuming whiteboard to do the talking, writing messages of love and popping the question on every day of the year, regardless of where he was or what he was doing.

According to, Schmitz was inspired by little notes the duo left each other throughout the day when their working hours weren't compatible and they didn't get much time to catch up with each other's news.

"Hey Danielle, well you're probably wondering what the heck is going on and why everyone else seems to have an idea and you're left out," he began the video.

Image via YouTube/River Strategies.

"For the past year, since August 19, 2015, I have made a short video everyday describing how I feel about you and showing some of our journeys on the way."

Schmitz admitted it was difficult proposing in secret when Roesch was actually in his presence. Luckily, he only had one close call that almost ruined the surprise.

"I dropped the board, she was cooking something on the stove. But she never caught on," he told

Image via Facebook/Josh Schmitz.

For the final proposal, Schmitz organised 50 of the duo's closest family and friends to watch their engagement along Lake Michigan with the city’s skyline as a backdrop.

It was a sentimental spot for the pair as it was the backdrop of Roesch's Tinder profile picture at the time they met on the dating app.

You can watch his full proposal video below.