The only 11 moments from the VMAs you need to watch.

The MTV Video Music Awards.

A magical evening where celebrities wear less and misbehave more. Like this moment from last year, between a famous teenager and a filthy man singer:

Today, while you were working, the famous singing people of the world gathered together once more for this momentous occasion. Many of them left their pants at home.

Here are the moments everyone will be talking about. Study them so you can come across all edgy and like you know stuff.

Let’s get the Beyonce ones outa the way first, there are several. The woman performed for 17 minutes straight; she’s not of this world.

1. When Blue Ivy Carter grew up, got her groove on, and basically did the Single Ladies dance like her mama.

2. When Blue presented her mama an award and clapped like a tiny angel.

3. When Beyonce made our feminist hearts beat to the rhythm of her soul.

4. When Katy Perry and her inexplicable boyfriend Riff-Raff wore matching double denim in homage to Britney and Justin Timberlake, circa 2000.

5. When Miley Cyrus brought a homeless friend as her date and got him to accept her award.

6. When Nicki Minaj got us all to marvel at her butt again, just in case we forgot about the existence of her butt, even though she just released a song that is literally entirely about her butt and the size of her butt.

7. When Rita Ora used her face to throw shade at Nicki Minaj, her butt-dancing, and her butt song.

8. When Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction but just kept performing like a boss.

9. When Usher gave Kanye West a reason to hate and potentially hunt him down.

10. When Lorde won an award, her sister reacted perfectly, and Taylor Swift lost her shit in this beautiful demonstration of best-friend support:

11. When Gwen Stefani invented this teeny tiny finger clap gesture and J-Lo got really into it.



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