5 best vegan beauty products to treat yourself with.

Image via Instagram (@lush_ausnz)/Brittany Stewart.

When you’re treating yourself to something new, there’s nothing better than knowing you’re also treating others well too. We don’t just mean giving things you get during “Buy one, get one free” promotions as a gift to your Mum, but rather making ethical and informed choices when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Forget about hemp stereotypes – the vegan beauty industry is bring serious game, proving it’s possible to have it all guilt-free with gorgeous looking, smelling, cruelty-free products.

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It’s important to note the distinction between vegan and cruelty-free though: cruelty-free means no animals were harmed in the making, while vegan products are cruelty free and also free from any animal ingredient or animal derived ingredients (such as honey, beeswax or lanolin).

We’ve rounded up the five best vegan beauty products to try now for your head, toes and everything in between.


Never mind that walking into Lush is like walking into a sweet shop for your senses, we love the fact that the brand is also all about treating animals, people and the environment with beautifully scented love.

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Everything they make is vegetarian and 80 per cent of products are also vegan, meaning you can shop basically all of their range of skincare, glittery bath bombs and cosmetics with a free conscience.

Bathtime fun with Lush. Image via Instagram (@lush_ausnz)

Our pick of the best? We're torn between two. The first is the Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion ($14.50) which not only contains ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients, but also benefits communities with every dollar (minus GST) donated to grassroots causes dedicated to animals or the environment.

The second is the Let the Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser ($16.95). Doubling as a cleanser and gentle exfoliant, it's made from polenta and maize flour, with cinnamon powder to stimulate the skin and gardenia extract to make your whole body silky soft and smooth. Oh, and it also smells like deliciously buttery caramel popcorn.

Let the Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser, $16.95, buy here (Post continues in gallery.)

Do you use vegan products? Which brands do you recommend?