JESSIE STEPHENS: 'I'm in lockdown and these are the best TV shows, movies and docos I've ever watched.'

I'm one of about 12 million Australians who are currently in lockdown and no.


Why didn't Victoria tell us how hard this was when they had to do it for 112 days and literally were only allowed out of their homes for one hour a day?

Narrator: They did. You selfish d*ckhead.

As Victorians yelled at us multiple times over those 15 weeks, "Stay strong" and "You've got this" don't help. 

The only thing that helps is TV recommendations, and that's where I come in.

For years, I've been recommending the very best TV shows/books/movies/podcasts on our podcast Mamamia Out Loud. You can browse my list of the best books I've ever recommended right here.

But today, it's time to roll out the TV reccos we so desperately need. And none of this 'oh it takes two-and-a-half seasons to get good and then the fourth season is a bit crap BUT THE SIXTH SEASON IS SO WORTH IT,' bullsh*t. 

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I might be in lockdown and have literally nothing better to do, but I still have some self respect. 

I have (helpfully) sorted my recommendations into categories. TV shows first.

Best TV series (according to me)

To cheer you up...

After Life Season 1, Netflix

Fleabag Season 1 and Season 2, Amazon Prime

Love Life, Stan

Cheer, Netflix

Selling Sunset, Netflix

The Queen's Gambit, Netflix

The Office, Stan

Bump, Stan

Sex Education, Netflix

Love On The Spectrum, ABC iView

Parks and Recreation, Stan/Netflix

If you're feeling a bit... murderey...

Broadchurch, SBS on Demand

Mare of Easttown, Binge

Marcella, Netflix

The Cry, ABC iView

Unbelieveable, Netflix

True Detective Season 1, Foxtel

The Fall, SBS on Demand

If you just want really good television... 

The Hunting, SBS on Demand

The Handmaid's Tale, SBS on Demand

Years and Years, SBS on Demand

It's A Sin, Stan


Normal People, Stan

The Loudest Voice, Stan

Unorthodox, Netflix

The Ghost Train Fire, ABC iView

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Best comedy specials (according to me)

Make Happy, Bo Burnham, Netflix

Inside, Bo Burnham, Netflix

Humanity, Ricky Gervais, Netflix

Elder Millennial, Iliza Shlesinger, Netflix

Unveiled, Iliza Shlesinger, Netflix

Growing, Amy Schumer, Netflix

Best documentaries (according to me)

Roll Red Roll, Netflix

Avicii. True Stories, Netflix

My Octopus Teacher, Netflix

The Social Dilemma, Netflix

The Clinton Affair, SBS on Demand

Totally Under Control, Amazon Prime

Tell Me Who I Am, Netflix

Free Solo, Netflix

Amy, Netflix

Every single one of Louis Theroux's documentaries, almost all of which are available on Stan. If you want to know where to start, read this article where I ranked Theroux's top 14 docos

And two feature length mentions...

Parasite, Stan

Hamilton, Disney Plus

I am, of course, willing to fight you on any/all of these recommendations and am demanding you give me many in return. 

I'm currently watching, to my great shame, Too Hot To Handle. And no, I don't want to talk about it.  

So please, share your best recommendations below. 

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