The funniest Australian TV bloopers of all time, all in one place.

I have a confession.

If I am sad, or in a foul mood, there is one video that exists on the Internet that will, without fail, make me laugh.

And I don’t even know why. 

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You see, it consists of a news reporter holding a big black chicken for no conceivable reason.

You can tell that he is uncomfortable and doesn’t entirely know why he is there. He is trying to have a grown up conversation with the news desk, while questioning precisely all of his life decisions.

"I do not even marginally trust this chicken."

It is at this moment, that the enormous black chicken decides he is done with everyone's sh*t and starts flapping wings I, personally, didn't even know he had.

The news reporter proceeds to hold the chicken's feet in a bizarre and fruitless attempt to keep the interview together.

The realest terror I've ever seen.

The chicken continues to maniacally flap, while the news reporter lets out a primitive yell that betrays sheer, unwavering terror.

I could not even recount this series of events without laughing.

He then runs away from the camera with his arms waving in the air, and he legitimately looks like a cartoon.

... Why you waving your hands for?

I would confidently say that this video is one of the top three best things that exists on the Internet.

We pulled together the best Aussie TV bloopers of all time, and goddamn, people falling over will always be funny.

Watch the video above. What's your favourite TV blooper?

You can listen to the full episode of The Binge, here. 

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