Going travelling? These are the six apps you need on your phone.

As every smart traveller knows, before you jet off on your next adventure you’ve got to do your due diligence.

Thankfully technology makes it easier, with apps that outline how to get to your dream destination with the best fares for flights, hotels and car hire. Skyscanner Australia has found the top six travel apps for every frequent flyer.


To find the best and cheapest domestic and international flights, hotels and car hire options, try the free Skyscanner app. The travel search engine helps you scan over millions of prices around the world and directly from airlines and travel agents so you can get the best deal instantly. Get notified when a flight fare drops with Price Alerts and never miss a deal. If you need to satisfy your lust for wander, the app has an “Explore everywhere” function and suggestions for weekend breaks or deals by month.

Available on both Android and iOS.

These apps will help you plan the ultimate holiday. (Getty)


Travelling is liberating, exhilarating and, unfortunately, risky sometimes. Keep peace of mind wherever you go with GeoSure. The app creates a security score for your location based on up-to-date crime and safety-related stats such as physical harm, theft, basic freedoms, disease and women’s safety. Your mum would be proud!


We’ve all had that moment of frustration with Google Maps when it takes you five minutes to realise you’ve walked in the wrong direction. Try Walc, which provides directions based on visual clues to make exploring cities that much easier.

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We all know that one person – and it’s usually Dad – who insists you HAVE to get to the airport three hours early, only to find yourself breezing through the lines and left with two and a half hours of boredom. MiFlight is a crowd-sourced travel app that lets you see the waiting times at airport security checkpoints. That way you’re neither too early nor too late… unless you’re with your dad.

Circa World Time for Travellers

One of the hardest things about travelling is managing different time zones. Not only do they mess with your sleep schedule, you’re constantly doing calculations before you call home. This app keeps track of multiple time zones and lets you know the best times to contact friends and family around the world, so you’re never out-of-sync.

Yes, there's an app to help you sleep abroad. Image: Getty

Cool Cousin

You arrive in a new city and want to find the best café or the most vibrant club. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to stumble across the perfect place, but more often than not you walk straight into a tourist trap.

Not any more: Cool Cousin has curated city maps from the locals who are in the know. Pick someone who you “vibe” with, someone out of your comfort zone or someone you aspire to be like, and they’ll hook you up with the best spots to visit during your adventure.

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