A dating blogger shares the 4 best Tinder stories she's heard.

Image: Crazy Stupid Love.

This isn’t a sponsored post for Tinder but I felt, with all the bad rap the dating app gets, someone should tell the other side of the story. You know, the side that doesn’t include quick hookups and d-bag cameos.

They may not all lead to true love, but with millions of users on it a day, you can bet you’ll find entertainment (not the sleazy kind) in a Tinder date or two.

1. The guy who treated Tinder like a business

Some people take their online dating seriously and others just want to meet women in the most efficient way.

My friend Ryan actually pays a freelance writer to create his profile pictures, description and hires someone to manage his Tinder and Happn accounts. Like a business plan, he then briefs someone else to help manage his social account. The plan includes his objectives (to meet two women to date short term every month) and the type of women he prefers (age, occupation, sense of humour…).

There is a very rigorous pre-screening tests that take place before he will even consider a first date. His success rate so far? Three short flings and one relationship that lasted eight months.

Watch: Tips for dating when you’re over the age of 40. (Post continues after video.)

2. The guy who had the ‘breast’ intentions

Blind dates can be a hit or miss, which is why Yen has a dating policy to filter our the duds. The general rule is that they need to have various images (no catfishing here) and pass a phone call and texting ‘tests’.


But even with the filtering systems, duds make their way through. Like the guy who told her she had “big breasts for an Asian” and thought he was hilarious when she sneezed and he said, “breast you.”

3. The date that led to a nude drawing class

Tinder can open you to a network of people you’d never meet in your day to day life. It can also bring you some unusual experiences — like live nude drawing classes.

Bob was chatting to a girl on Tinder and she suggested a visit to Sydney's MCA Art Bar on a Friday night. “We met in the foyer and walked upstairs to check out some of the exhibitions/activities. As we were walking past a room someone called out 'There are a couple of spots left for the 7pm life drawing class session'," he told me.

"She wasn't that keen but I suggested we go in, so she hesitantly joined. We were the last do so and were greeted by a room full of naked people. We stripped off and did the class while ensuring I kept my eyes above her shoulder-line. We both knew the class was happening, as we'd read the program in the week before, but neither of us had any intention of doing it. We happened to be walking past at the right time and made a spontaneous decision." (Post continues after gallery.)

4. The fluke date that turned into a love story

All fun and games aside, friends like Gigi give all single, online dating app users hope that you can find love. When I first met Gigi, she was single, new to Sydney and disgruntled with dating. Six months later she told me she had quit her job, bought a motorcycle and was going to ride it across the world… with her new man. He was the first guy she met and dated on Tinder, and probably be the last.

What's the best (or worst) Tinder story you've heard?

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