7 things that kids do better than adults.

I have vivid memories of my brother and I hurling ourselves onto a piece of blue plastic canvas that was covered in a concoction of water and dishwashing detergent, sliding over a bumpy and grassy knoll and this being totally fine. Actually, it was more than fine; it was a school holiday activity that was widely encouraged by every parent in the local area.

I’ve seen lately that adults have attempted to recreate this ‘slip ‘n slide’ either in their own backyard or on a grander scale in the middle of say, Federation Square. Whilst I applaud the reasoning behind it, I know that it will never compare to how we did it and how it felt doing it, as kids ourselves.

There’s no doubt we have, as adults, a great life in Australia, one that allows us to enjoy our beautiful outdoors all year round. But wouldn’t it be nice some times though, to go back to being a kid and enjoying the simple things in life again?

There’s no denying it, kids just get to do certain things better than adults do.

Let me count the ways…

1. Treasure hunts.

I think as adults we want to believe we do treasure hunts better. Because we’ve got thought processes that allow us to see and anticipate each brilliant step. But really, a kid going on a treasure hunt is a joy to behold. They have something that we adults somehow lose along the way, an imagination.

So although we can organise a kickarse treasure hunt with cross-city scavenging and creative bartering, nothing quite beats a kid organising an inspired and resourceful childhood hunt that probably resulted in a prize of their dogs petrified dog poo.

2. Naps.

As a kid, we did not take advantage of this AT ALL. Now, if I’m tired and it’s 3pm on a Tuesday, well that’s just TOO BAD. These toddlers just don’t understand the currency they hold in their tiny hands. They resist and fight it every single step of the way.

As adults, we’d give our left eyeball to be able to lie down ‘just because it’s midday’. There should be a sleep bank where you can make deposits and withdrawals.

We should have taken advantage of this more as kids. Image via iStock.

3. Riding bikes.

I get it -- loads of adults ride bikes these days, but not like a kid did or does. As adults, it’s a mode of transport. It’s all Lycra, and shaved legs and well, serious. Boring. There’s no getting kicked out of the house with a coating of sunscreen and doing laps of the block just because. And there’s certainly no doing skids on the neighbour’s nature strip or attempting one hand, no hands or wheelies.

4. Tantrums.

You’ve got to hand it to them -- kids own their feelings. If they aren’t happy, well, there’s a fair chance you’ll know about it. For the child under four, this will involve a tantrum. Which means a full-blown, on the ground, writhing demonstration of their dislike for a situation. As adults, when we aren’t happy, we just have to suck…it…up. Internalise it. Kids have really got this sorted as far as I’m concerned. They get their problems out and then simply, move on as if nothing ever happened.

"You’ve got to hand it to them -- kids own their feelings." Image via iStock.

5. Getting picked up when they’ve had enough.

Admit it, you’ve been there. I’ve CERTAINLY been there. It’s late, the cab is NEVER coming and you make the (stupid) decision to 'walk home'. But when you’re an adult, when you’ve had enough, when you are positively dead on your feet, there is no one who is going to pick you up and carry you home. Possibly because you’d break their hip (or your own).

6. Spitting out food you don’t like.

When did this become socially unacceptable? You give it a go and NOPE, not having any of that. Kids just regurgitate that straight back onto their plate leaving no one, not the chef nor those surrounding them, in any doubt that it’s not up to scratch. As adults, we suffer through it, pretending we are enjoying everything put in front of us when really, we wish we could emulate the kid.

Do I like it? If not, spitting it back out is always an option. Image via iStock.

7. Laughing at bodily noises.

Okay, so when did it become terrible to laugh at a burp. Or a fart? And why do kids now own this humour? We invented it right? And it’s a totally normal and healthy bodily function (better out than in, right?). So why then do kids have more fun with this than we do as adults?

While fortunately our actual mud cakes have turned into chocolate mud cakes, there are far more things that kids make and do that we really wish adults could still get away with.

What do you think kids do better than adults?