10 delicious perfumes you’ll want to douse yourself in this summer.

When it comes to elaborate excuses wonderful reasons to buy a new fragrance, the start of a new season is surely up there.

Along with steamy nights, sweaty underarms and rainbow Paddlepops, hotter weather brings with it a slew of delicious perfumes ripe for the spraying.

If you’re looking for a new warm-weather-appropriate scent, step right this way.

1. Shiseido Ever Bloom, $120.

The kind of fragrance you’d want to wear on your wedding day, Ever Bloom is a sweet and romantic mix of orange blossom, gardenia, rose essence and more. Just don’t expect it to open doors for you or send you flowers.

Image: David Jones

2. Zadig & Voltaire This is Her!, $120.

If you can't stand so-subtle-you-can-barely-smell-it fragrances, this is for you. A punchy mix of vanilla-chestnut and sandalwood, this will make you stand out in the best possible way (the worst possible way being Eau De Smelly Feet).


Image: David Jones 

3. Jo Malone Orange Bitters, $195.

A limited edition fragrance that's like Christmas in a bottle, this rich scent has been described as "dashes of citrus, add sweet orange and a burst of ripe mandarin and finish with a splash of bitter orange". I'll take two please. Bottoms up!

Jo Malone Orange Bitters

Image: Jo Malone.

4. Givenchy Dahlia Dilvin, $132-$164.

Like taking a big ol' sniff of a bouquet of classic white flowers (there's a lot of jasmine, friends) this woody perfume is perfect for everyday wear.


Image: Myer 

5. Tom Ford Private Blend Ombre Leather 16, $325.

Behind every Tom Ford fragrance is a beautiful story. This one? It was created to capture the essence of the runway and black leather. If you're after something a little more masculine and out of the box, this definitely worth trying.


Image: David Jones

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6. Altaia By Any Other Name, $277, available at Mecca.

This fragrance tracks Altaia co-founder Marina Sersale's family history back to the Tudor rose garden of Sudeley Castle in Glouchestershire where her mother received a marriage proposal. So (no surprises here) it's a romantic blend of rose, bergamot, peony, lychee and more. Doesn't hurt that it comes in a gorgeous, classic bottle, either.

Image: Mecca 

7. Lancôme La Nuit Tresor, $99.

This scent puts the spotlight on rose, but waiting in the wings (and not to be overlooked) are the supporting notes of white musk and vanilla orchid. A dreamy Christmas party perfume waiting to be spritzed.


Image: Lancôme 

8. Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria, $120

Calvin Klein Euphoria was the unisex fragrance that built a cult following in the noughties and now its warm and powerful sibling has hit shelves. Notes of cascalone and rose give Deep Euphoria warmth while the musk brings that intoxicating sensual aroma our nostrils have been waiting for.

Image: David Jones

9. M Missoni Eau De Parfum, $150.

In true form, eccentric Italian fashion house Missoni's latest fragrance is a joyous kaleidoscope of brightness - in spray form. It's a floral, fruity, woody blend of lemon, bergamot, tonka bean, sandalwood and more contained in one of the prettiest bottles we've seen in a long time.

M Missoni

Image: Supplied.

10. Goldfield and Banks, Pacific Rock Moss, $229.

As its name suggests, this fragrance is inspired by "sea spray on coastal rock moss". It's citrus-y, tangy and gives you the same feeling diving into the ocean does - utterly refreshing.

Goldfield and Banks

Image: Supplied.

Image: Supplied.