The seven best sports bras for women with big boobs.

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The words “clutch and run” will be all too familiar for any women with larger-than-average breasts.

It’s the action required during exercise (or running for public transport) and involves holding your boobs tight to your chest with your hands to avoid overenthusiastic bounce (and the associated pain when your sports bra isn’t doing it’s job).

From not enough support to underboob exposure and insane squidged cleavage, finding a sports bra when you’ve got big boobs is a minefield.

So we asked (and jumped) around to find the best ones that won’t let you (or your boobs) down.

1. Berlei Electrify Underwire Sports Bra, $40

When we asked around the office, this one quickly proved to be a favourite.

It promises to reduce uncomfortable breast bounce by up to 50 per cent and users recommend making the use of the criss-cross feature at the back for more support.


Image: Myer

2. Triumph Traction Performance Sports Bra, $29

Available in a range of colours, this one goes right up to a 22E. Winner.


Image: Triumph

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3. Shock Absorber Ultimate Sports Bra, $80

Quick drying with a seam-free lining to reduce rubbing, this is one of the top bras recommended on Reddit.


Image: ASOS

4. Incredible by Victoria Sport Bra, $47.60

Forget daggy and unflattering, this is one big-boobed sports bra that actually looks NICE.


Image: Victoria's Secret

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5. Glamorise Women's No-Bounce Full-Support Sport Bra, around $35.

This looks a little harder to get your hands on in Australia, but if you can by all accounts, it's life changing.

Going right up to size 50G, it's comfortable, breathable and full coverage.


Image: Amazon

6. Freya Active Underwired Moulded Crop Top, $94.95

A sports bra that promises to hold rather than squish, you can also pin this into a racerback style for added support.


Image: Debra

7. Panache Moulded Sports Bra, $99.95

Reducing breast bounce by 84 per cent, this is "the one" according to one writer in the office.


Image: Debra

What's your favourite sports bra?