Cult Buy: The sports bra that doesn't make big boobs feel like they're on a trampoline.

I’d like to say it’s purely because of my breasts that I’m not a professional athlete.

Unfortunately I think its more my complete lack of coordination and sporting ability that’s the problem rather than my DD, sometime E boobs.

Still, many will know the anxiety and pain of moving vigorously without the necessary support. But while finding a sports bra that doesn’t make your poor breasts feel like they’re on a trampoline may seem like an elusive search, I think I’ve finally done it. Now for that Nobel Prize…

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I attended an event held by Triumph last week to celebrate the launch of their new triaction sports range. It was a spin class – my first, and the perfect test for a sports bra’s capability.

I put on my colourful Triaction Control Lite Minimiser Sports Bra, $74.95 and matching logo t-shirt supplied to guests, half-expecting to have to clutch at my breasts to hold them whilst simultaneously holding onto the bike handles. I envisioned dramatically toppling off said bike, all in the name of supporting my boobs.

What happened was the opposite.


Colourful and bloody supportive. Thank you. Image: Triumph

My hands didn't have to leave the bike handles once — well, except to wipe the torrential wave of sweat dripping down my forehead and face.

A major win for me was the higher neck and straps. My boobs weren't battling for space nor were they squidged up to my chin - the mesh neckline isn't too prim and proper but doesn't leave you spilling out everywhere.

The '3D straps' are thicker without being daggy and padded for extra comfort, adjustable and come with a hook on the back to add extra support.

However my favourite part - apart from the graphic design - is its minimising magic. Don't get me wrong, I love my boobs as they are but their size can sometimes be annoying and distracting when I'm working out. Not only are they no longer flying in my face as I do high knees, the design reduces the look of the bust by one cup size, which is a feature I never knew I wanted, but very much appreciate.

It's something you only notice because for once it hasn't bothered you.

At $74.95 it's not exactly pocket change, but in my (and my chest's) humble opinion, it's very much worth it. Now to make the 2020 Olympic team...

Note: This is not a sponsored post, just a genuine recommendation of a genuinely good product.

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What's your go-to sports bra?

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