The very best places to find shoes if you're a woman with wide and big feet.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that if you’re a woman with big feet, shoe shopping can be an absolute nightmare.

Finding shoes that are both comfy – and stylish enough that your grandma won’t steal them – is a mammoth task.

In high school one of my male friends told me I had ‘heifer feet for a woman’. He said I had HEIFER FEET FOR A WOMAN. It’s not even an insult that makes sense, but it’s stayed with me all these years.

Every time I have to ask the retail assistant to just bring out “the biggest size you’ve got” a voice inside my head quietly whispers “heifer feet for a woman…heifer feet for a woman…heifer feet for a woman”.

Luckily, for you, these heifer feet have done their research and I now know where to get my hands (and my footsies) on shoes that are specifically made for big and wide feet, and others that just fit really well.

Here’s a round up of all the best places to buy shoes for ya big feet:

  • Wittner

A staple in nearly every Aussie girl’s wardrobe and a fave in the Mamamia office, most styles of Wittner shoes are actually available up to a size 42 (11), and they’re really comfy. You can shop the range online or in store.


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  • ASOS

ASOS has a range of wide fit shoes that start at just $24. The range includes sandals, ballet flats, sneakers and even boots. And with ASOS’s free shipping and easy returns you can try your new shoes on at home and make sure they’re the perfect fit. Feast your eyes on these bad boys.

big feet shoes
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  • Saltwater Sandals

If you have wide feet Saltwater Sandals are your new summer staple. They're so comfy you'll feel like you're not even wearing shoes and there's a huge range of colours including classics like tan and navy, and a limited edition rose gold. You can buy them here and here.

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  • Frankie4Footwear

Although they're a little bit more pricey, these little foot angels are worth it. Frankie4 shoes are created by a podiatrist and physiotherapist, so they're specifically designed to be comfy and supportive all day long - so you won't have to throw off your shoes (along with your bra) the minute you walk in your front door.  And they've got a great range of boots available now for winter. You can shop Frankie4 online.


  • Palmaira Sandals

Palmaira Sandals are available up to a women's size 44 (13) and they're great for wide feet. They’re comfy enough to wear everyday (and during your commute) and they come in bunch of different colours, so you can buy some sparkly ones and look like you’ve put in some serious effort if you ever go anywhere fancy. You can read all about my love affair with these shoes here.

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  • Rubi Shoes

If you're looking for something a little more affordable, Rubi Shoes has ballet flats, brogues, loafers and boots starting at just $19.95. You can shop the range online or in Rubi Shoes or Cotton On stores.


  • City Chic

City Chic currently has a range of wide-calf boots - just in time for winter. They also go up to a size 44. Yay!

If you have any other suggestions for those of us who are well-endowed in the foot department, let us know in the comments.