You'll never guess the top selling product in Priceline right now

Images: supplied.

Makeup remover wipes, body wash, anti-ageing moisturiser, gentle cleansers: these are among the top selling products in Priceline right now. But what surprised us completely – other than the fact that people are buying cleanser in 1kg bulk packs – was one certain product with a very unusual ingredient, Dragon’s Blood.

No, it’s not some some new Game Of Thrones inspired product designed to give you Khaleesi fresh skin. It’s  formulated from the rare red serum of the Amazonian ‘Sangre de Drago’ tree. Click through the gallery to find out the beauty products everyone’s buying this winter.

I can’t get out of Priceline with at least three nail polishes, makeup remover wipes and a new lip balm. What’s the last thing you bought at Priceline?