The top 10 most beautiful runs in Australia

Image supplied: Natalia Hawk

We are so spoiled in Australia. If you’re a runner (or a walker, or a jogger), there are so many beyond-stunning places to enjoy when you’re getting out there and moving your butt.

I’ve picked out ten of my favourite runs throughout Australia. Feel free to comment and share your own favourite runs – the more secret, the better.

1. The Sydney Coastal Walk

Where: Bondi to Coogee

How long: 6km

If I only had one day left on this earth, I would choose to spend it doing the coastal walk with my friends and family. It’s a stunning route that winds its way along the beaches that dot the eastern coast of Sydney. Make sure you buy yourself a coffee and pause on the cliffs along the way to closely admire the ocean – it’s particularly stunning at sunrise or sunset.

You can run or walk along the coastal walk, or combine the two for a decent workout – there are plenty of inclines, declines and stairs along the path, so your muscles are guaranteed to be challenged, regardless of what you’re doing.

2. Mount Wellington

Image source: Eli Duke, Flickr

Where: Tasmania

How long: However long you like

Any running track in Hobart is bound to be gorgeous, but Mount Wellington is your hub for a whole lot of running and walking tracks that really emphasise the stunning vegetation that Tassie has to offer.

There are many options when it comes to Mount Wellington, but if you’d like to start off easy, try one of the walking trails in Wellington Park – the Circle Track, the Cascade Walking Track and the longer Springs to Lenah Valley walk are all beautiful.


3. The Arrow Circuits

Image source: Brendan Radke

Where: Cairns

How long: 1.3 km (the Red Arrow Circuit) or 5.4km (the Blue Arrow Circuit)

These circuits are toughies but goodies. They’re located behind the Cairns Botanical Gardens and wind through the rainforest of Mount Whitfield, gradually increasing in ascent and really testing the lungs – especially in the extreme tropical humidity that Cairns is so famous for.

Start off with the Red Arrow track to test your fitness, and then progress to the extremely challenging Blue Arrow track, which only the fittest of the locals are brave enough to conquer.

4. Albert Park Lake

Image source: Wikipedia

Where: Melbourne

How long: 4.7km

Want to admire Melbourne’s CBD while you run? Albert Park Lake is perfect – and it also offers a stunning view of the water, which is especially pretty during sunset or sunrise. You’ll find plenty of people walking, jogging and cycling along the track – and if you’d like to run with a group, Parkrun is held in Albert Park every Saturday morning at 8am.

5. Blackmores Bridge Run

Image source: Flickr

Where: Sydney

How long: Choose between 3.5km, 95km, half-marathon and full marathon

On an average day in Sydney, you can choose to walk around the harbour and admire all of Sydney’s most beautiful attractions. But why not step it up a bit and actually take part in a run where you can run over the Harbour Bridge?

The Blackmores running festival closes off the Harbour Bridge for one day in September so that you can run over it and into the Royal Botanic Gardens, stopping by Mrs Macquarie’s Chair along the way. I suggest the 9km route – it’s long enough to get the blood pumping, but not so long that you have to be a pro athlete to do it – but the 3.5km is perfect for families.

6. Lake Burley Griffin loop

Image supplied: Sarah Norton.

Where: Canberra

How long: However long you like

Lake Burley Griffin is pretty much unavoidable if you’re visiting Canberra – and this isn’t a bad thing, considering how pretty it is. The complete shoreline of the lake is a huge 40.5 km, but if you don’t feel like smashing through that many kilometres in one day, there are plenty of walking tracks to keep you occupied. Look out for people sailing, rowing and paddle-boarding through the lake while you stroll along the water, and work up an appetite for eating at one of Canberra’s excellent restaurants.


7. Tan Track

Image source: Wikipedia

Where: Melbourne

How long: 3.8km

When it comes to Melbourne, it’s hard to go past the Tan – after all it’s one of the city’s most iconic spots for a nice walk or jog. It winds itself around the Botanic Gardens and King’s Domain, with both water and park views making for a pleasant experience for anyone that’s hoping to join the Melbourne locals in their favourite running spot.

8. The Colour Run

Image supplied: Natalia Hawk

Where: All over Australia (check for event details)

How long: 5km

The Colour Run is pretty much the most fun you can have while running five kilometres. Although no one really runs it – you’re more likely to find people dancing and walking along with their friends, families and kids.

The whole idea behind the Colour Run is that you gradually get covered in colourful powder as you run along – there are different stations for different colours, including pink, blue, purple, orange and green. While it’s gorgeous to run through clouds of pink dust, bubbles and snow, the best part by far is at the end of the run, at the colour throws – when everyone grabs a packet of colour and throws it up into the air. It’s a stunning, video-worthy experience (and, luckily, the coloured powder is safe to ingest).

9. Kings Park & Jacob’s Ladder

Image source: Wikipedia

Where: Perth

How long: However long you like

Kings Park in Perth is incredible and enormous – there’s an abundance of running tracks to explore once you get there, and all of it is absolutely gorgeous. The best thing about the park is that it’s in the middle of the CBD and right on the river, so you can get gorgeous city AND water views as you explore.

If you’re really keen on a ridiculous workout, go where the locals go – Jacob’s Ladder. It’s on the boundary of Kings Park and consists of nearly 250 steps, with a total incline of about 40 metres. Enjoy.

10. East Point Reserve

Image souce: Wikipedia

Where: Darwin

How long: However long you like

You can spend days in East Point Reserve. It’s such a great place for so many things (picnics, playgrounds, swimming) but it’s also great for running. Depending on what you like, pick a route around Lake Alexander, one that runs across the cliffs, or one that passes by the military museum and some of the WWII displays. Oh, and the sunsets are amazing.

What’s your favourite run in Australia? 

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