The Internet's most hilarious responses to Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscars thirst.

Five nominations, no wins. Leonardo DiCaprio hasn’t has a great run at the Oscars so far – but today, everything could change.

Sure, he’s got a movie about a bear that’s apparently quite good. More importantly, though, Leo’s got the World Wide Web behind him.

And they’re not holding back their support.

Check out some of the best #PrayForLeo memes below.

This #realtalk. 

This incredible show of faith by the people of Mexico. 


This startlingly accurate representation of Oscars glory passing Leo by. 

This harrowing depiction of his struggle. 

This dream come true. 


This classic Adele/Leo mashup. 

This cold, hard truth. 


This photo, which we love beyond all worldly things. 

And finally, this sick burn from Bette Midler:

Watch: The person who wants Leo to win the most: Kate Winslet:

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