Samantha has the best response to a dick pic we've ever seen.

An Australian woman has given the perfect response to a stranger who sent her an unsolicited dick pic. But it seems like Facebook wasn’t a fan.

It all began when Samantha Mawdsley, 30, left an innocent restaurant review for a fast food restaurant on Facebook.

“Amazing food and the staff is so friendly (sic)!” she wrote. “Definitely recommend.”

You see, Samantha naively assumed that she could exist on the internet as a human being with opinions rather than an object and passive recipient of an image of a man’s penis.

Silly Samantha.

Image via Facebook.

A man she'd never met before in person or online then commented on her review. The funny thing about Facebook is that you're pretty identifiable when you do embarrassing things.

James O'Leary wrote, "Hi Samantha, check my facebook dm please I would like to know your opinion."

Of course, he wanted to know her opinion about his penis.

She told the Mirror it was completely "random," and the review was from "months ago."

"He knew what he was doing, because I wouldn’t have checked my filtered messages otherwise. He made sure I saw it."

Have a look at some of the filtered messages the Mamamia team have received on Facebook. Post continues after video.

She also said that the image of James' penis was accompanied with the caption: "You have pretty eyes".

Awww. How sweet.

Oh. Right. The dick pic.

"I was really confused - what was I supposed to say or do?" she told the Mirror.

"What was his goal here? I was just disgusted and felt disrespected."

So, the media analysis executive did something she'd never done before. She sent him a dick pic. And poor James O'Leary didn't like it very much at all.

Image via Facebook.

In response to his distaste, Samantha thought it was probably necessary for her to send him more dick pics.

Image via Facebook.

James O'Leary was not happy.

"I don't give a sh*t and you're f*cking crazy," he replied. "And you will never be able to f*ck one of those anyways lol."



James is a comedian.

And just in case you thought you misread, he did indeed tell Samantha she was "crazy" for responding to him with the same thing she received.

He then went on to logically explain, "I'm not gay and you're a girl so you should like it."

Awww, you guys. James was just trying to be nice.

Image via Facebook.

But for some reason, he wouldn't accept Samantha's niceness!

People are strange.

Samantha told the Mirror that while she had received dick pics before, receiving one in response to a restaurant review took it to a whole new level.

"There's this attitude that it kind of comes with the territory, but this was so unexpected," she said.

Ironically, when she posted the exchange to Facebook, some of the images were taken down because of their explicit content. She re-uploaded them, with bigger stickers covering the nudity, only to have her account deactivated for failing to comply with Facebook's community standards. Understandably, a lot of people on social media think the decision to deactivate her account is utterly ludicrous.

Despite this, Samantha says she doesn't regret her decision to expose what happened. She just wants to get the message across that it's time the culture of sharing dick pics stopped, because it makes women feel disrespected and humiliated.

"Please don't stop doing it because you're afraid that you'll be the next James O'Leary. Please stop doing it because it's wrong," she says.

"It's sexual harassment and you have no right to make anybody feel uncomfortable and humiliated like this.

"I really hope my nieces and goddaughter first learn about d*** pics when they Google me and they see this story.

"I want them to laugh and say: 'Oh wow - people used to send pics of their penises to strangers on the internet? That's so weird and disgusting!'"

We can only hope, Samantha. We can only hope.