Looking for an office romance? You want to be in one of these professions.

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Conventional wisdom tells us we “shouldn’t mix work with pleasure”.

Which, when you think about it, is fair enough. Let’s face it: your boss doesn’t want to see you make googly eyes at Mark in Sales. Nobody wants to see that. Put those googly eyes away.

On the other hand, though, this is the 21st century. Some of us barely go outside anymore. Between working and running errands and answering emails and collapsing onto your bed, face-down and fully clothed, to watch Netflix through one barely open eye, the opportunities for romantic encounters are slim to none.

For some of us, the office is OUR ONLY CHANCE.

And really, when it comes to romance, where better than the office, where you don’t have to move very much and you’re always going to the same boring after-work events?

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If that sounds as sexy to you as it does to me, come right this way: a list of the best professions for office romance, according to the US Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey.

  • Primary school teachers
  • Scientists
  • Farmers
  • Real estate brokers
  • Accountants
  • Social workers
  • Travel agents
  • Postal service clerks
  • Retail salespeople
  • Athletes
  • Actors
  • Vets
  • Media professionals
  • Economists
  • Barbers
  • Chefs

Of course, there are the sexy professions, like actors, athletes and travel agents. That makes sense, because those people are hot and surrounded by other hot people all the time. They can't resist. They're helpless in the thrall of their co-workers' hotness.

Then there are the professions I would have (mistakenly) called a little less steamy, like accountants, economists, barbers and real estate agents.

The bottom line? If you're bored and lonely and facing another long night of watching Stranger Things while half asleep, forget online dating: it might be time to try your hand at a new career...

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