"It covers them 100 per cent." 7 of the best ways to touch-up grey roots at home.

Don't get us wrong, while we're all for embracing grey hair, if you are someone who isn't ready to go full-on silver fox and want to cover your greys for the time being - that's okay, too! 

But, what's the best way to do it?

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While the most obvious way to keep on top of greys is to get all your hair dyed with a permanent colour (either in-salon or at-home), sometimes your greys just shimmy on through in, like, less than two weeks.

And if you're not colouring it at home, regular salon visits can be really expensive. And who has money for that?

Not us, buddy. Not us.

'I ditched the dye to embrace my grey hair. The truth is, I don't like it.'

Plus, there are so many quick and easy root touch-up products kicking around these days - so it would be kinda silly not to suss out other options. Kinda silly indeed.

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To help you figure out which ones are worth trying, we've rounded up some of the best root touch-up sprays, sticks, brushes and sponges that help disguise greys, while still giving you a really nice, natural colour. 

How good.

Just 33 photos that prove women with grey hair are bloody beautiful.

The best part? They're all recommended by real women AND they're super easy to use - even if you're a beginner.

Christophe Robin Temporary Colour Gel, $51.

Image: Adore Beauty 


"I use the Christophe Robin tint Leigh Campbell got us onto. It's great between salon visits." - Chriss.

"I’ve just bought the Christophe Robin tint. Will use for my next touch up as I really need to stop plucking my grey hair out in between salon visits." - Rachel.

L'Oréal Magic Retouch, $14.49.

Image: Chemist Warehouse 

"When you get over the initial shock of spraying colour into your hair, the L'Oréal Magic Retouch is very easy to use and I've found a good colour for my roots." - Melissa.


Clairol Nice & Easy Root Touch Up Root Concealing Powder, $10.99.

Image: Chemist Warehouse 

"The Clairol Powder is a savey version of the Colour Wow Brush On Powder. It's easy to use and I find the colour range is good. The powder is very easy to apply and can easily be blended into the roots." - Melissa.

Colour WOW Brush On Powder, $49.95.

Image: Color Wow 


"I’m a redhead and for once I've found something that actually matches my hair! It's hard to find redhead products in most ranges that don’t make you look like Ronald McDonald! It's easy to apply, the brush is double-ended and has a different size brush on either end. It stays put and doesn’t run, even during exercise. The small compact means that you can take it anywhere. Plus, the product lasts for ages!" - Kimberly.

"It’s easy to use and seems to last a few days. It doesn’t seem to come off on my clothes or pillow cases. However, I think it’s probably better if you don’t have a huge amount of greys, as the brush is quite small. It’s perfect for me." - Shanthi.

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher Brown, $8.99.

Image: Priceline 

"I use Schwarzkopf Root Colour Spray, and it works a treat! I use it when I’m a week or two out from my colour. It's just from Woolies!" - Chloe.

"I’ve tried a few different ones and found the Schwarzkopf Root Spray to be the best." - Kristina.

Goldwell Root Retouch Powder, $36.95.

Image: Oz Hair and Beauty


"It’s similar to using eyeshadows (which I have in the past) but in a more suited colour range!" - Alexis. 

Batiste Hair Divine Dark Dry Shampoo, $12.99.

"I have the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Brown - it comes out really dark and I have blonde roots and brown hair, and it covers them 100 per cent!" - Abbie.

Image: Priceline 

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What's your go-to for touching up grey roots? Share with us in the comment section below.

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