"I snooped through my friend's stuff and found the best solution for thigh chafing."

Confession: I snoop through people’s bathroom cabinets. Regularly.

Call it curiosity – or a blatant disregard for anyone’s privacy – but I love it. From the unique ointments to exxy hairspray, there’s nothing more interesting than what lies in someone’s bathroom vanity.

It’s a fruitful secret habit, too.

My hair? The perfect blonde after snooping in my friend’s cabinet, and finding a powerful purple shampoo.

My perfume? Paco Rabanne Olympea – the same sweet, deep scent as my work colleague.

My moisturiser? Vasoline Cocoa Radiant Lotion – discovered next to my cousin’s toothbrush, and bought the very next day.

 It's a fruitful secret habit, too. (Image: iStock)

But no expedition into a loved one's guarded toiletry space has been as successful as the one I did on Christmas night, where I found the best product ever.

Yep. I found something that has solved my chafing woes for good. It's what I like to call the Holy Grail of Skin Products.


I stumbled upon the Neat 3B Action Cream in the midst of my family friend's drawers on Christmas night, and have been using it ever since. Now, almost two weeks later, I feel like I need to tell the entire world about it.

For less than $15, it has made shopping trips, beach days and gym sessions completely painless. The prospect of wearing a skirt in a clammy summer climate is no longer daunting. And my thighs? They are stupendously chafe-free.

I honestly can't believe how brilliantly this little tube of medicated cream has solved my decade-long chafing dilemma. Just like that.

After speaking to other women about it, I've realised there are a few stellar chafing products that do the trick. Body Glide, from Rebel Sport, only costs $20, and is ideal for any areas on your body that are prone to rubbing. A more natural alternative (more expensive, too) is SkinDura's SecretShield Stick from the U.S., which is suited to sensitive skin.

But if buying a cream doesn't tickle your fancy, there are other ways to stop the chafe this summer season.

Keep dry.

Being sweaty or having wet skin can make your chafing more severe. To remedy this, bring a sweat towel with you, stay out of the sun where possible and wear light-weight fabrics that'll keep your body cool.

Utilise bike shorts.

Want to wear that cute dress, without regretting it as soon as you walk out the door? Look into getting yourself synthetic bike shorts to wear underneath your frock - proper fitting, moisture-wicking clothes will be a god send.

Thigh bands.

Never heard of Bandelettes? Well, the elasticated thigh bands are Brilliant-with-a-capital-B when it comes to protecting your thighs from themselves.

Home remedies.

Got some pawpaw ointment lying around the house? How about some baby powder? Both of these humble products do wonders to soothe your chafing - so give them a whirl too.

What are your go-to chafing solutions?