The Mamamia community shares the best podcast they've ever listened to.

There’s never been a better time for a distraction that can occupy hours on end.

Whether you’re doing the housework, going for a walk, going for a drive or simply lying in the one place trying to think about anything other than coronavirus, listening to a gripping podcast is an ideal form of escapism.

So we’ve asked the Mamamia community to share their best recommendations of what to listen to right now. But we want to hear from you, too. So leave a comment below with the best podcast you’ve ever listened to, and let us know why.

From true crime to self help to the most captivating interviews, we want all the recommendations we can get.

Sarah, 37 – The Mysterious Mr. Epstein


"If you've completely tuned out of the Jeffrey Epstein story, I don't blame you. But this podcast unravels the story in such a powerful way, and you'll not want to turn it off. It explains the entire narrative from beginning to end, and how other high profile individuals were involved. A must-listen."

Lucia, 23 - Reply All


"The dynamic between the hosts on this podcast is funny as they’re good friends, and they bring content that genuinely surprises each other each week. The best episodes are the ones that tell a story, led by one of the hosts, about investigating some insane internet/social media anomaly."

Priya, 39 - Believed


"Believed tells the story of how Larry Nassar - the US gymnastics coach - was able to abuse girls and young women for decades. The podcast interviews victims, and has court recordings, and really conveys the gravity of what Nassar did. I didn't know that he also abused at least one young girl who was in his social circle. It's harrowing but important listening."

Maddy, 25 - Potterless


"A guy who has never read Harry Potter before reads 2-5 chapters during the week, and then on the episode he discusses what he read with Harry Potter super nerds. It's... amazing."

Laura, 33 - Mamamia Out Loud

out loud

"Literally like having best friends in your ears. Funny and smart every week. Most of my conversations start with, 'I was talking to a friend...' but really I mean, 'I heard this on Mamamia Out Loud...'"

Clare, 29 - How to Fail


"Everyone MUST listen to this - particularly the episodes with Alain De Botton (the most recent one around COVID is excellent), Marian Keyes (a very clever Irish author), and Andrew Scott (the Hot Priest from Fleabag). Basically, the podcast goes through its guests' biggest 'failures' and aims to show that learning how to fail is actually learning how to succeed. It makes you feel so good about yourself, and reminds you that everyone - no matter how successful - has failed abysmally at some stage."

Hannah, 26 - The Dream


"The first season was all about MLM’s and the second season is about wellness industries and how much they scam people. Super well researched and the audio production is beautiful."

Freya, 28 - No Filter


"There are episodes of No Filter that I don't think I'll ever forget. The interview with Eddie Jaku, the Holocaust survivor is one of them and then there's people like Gabbie Stroud who is so honest that it's hugely refreshing. I love that it shows how celebrities and 'normal people' have fascinating stories to tell."

Riley, 44 - Chasing Cosby


"This is one of the rare podcasts I literally waited for all week until it dropped. It did such a good job of revealing the entire Cosby case, and making it clear how he 'got away' with his behaviour for so long. So well done."

Polly, 30 - The Quicky


"It's the exact amount of news I need every day. And hearing Claire Murphy's voice every morning throughout this pandemic has been extremely comforting."

Elise, 29 - How Did This Get Made

"Bad movies watched by comedians and my god is it hilarious."

Leave a comment below with the best podcast you've ever listened to. We want to know the name of the podcast, and why it's so good.