ROADTEST: 'I went searching for the perfect curvy lingerie set. Here's what I found.'

Plus size lingerie is so hard to find! I knew this already, but when I ventured out into the big, wide world of lingerie to find options in a 22 or above, there weren’t a lot out there. 

However, thanks to the wonders of the internet and hours of online shopping, I've got you covered. Cute bras, bralettes, lacy knickers and comfy undies. Let’s get into it.

Side note: Mamamia's Clare Stephens roadtests non-family-friendly fashion. Post continues below.

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Before we dive deep into the brands I found, here are some bra hacks that every plus size bra-wearing person should live by:

1. Get fitted! 

There are so many people out there wearing the wrong size bra, and not to be alarmist, but wearing the wrong size can lead to back and neck pain, skin breakdown and even lead to blocked lymph nodes. 

I know getting fitted is a scary prospect, but there are shops that are plus size friendly like Brava and Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore (who offer online fittings). So there really is no excuse. This is your sign to make that appointment. 

2. Three hooks are a minimum. 

Fat babes and babes with big busts need extra support, so I never wear a bra that has less than three clasps at the back. 

And make sure you can hook the bra comfortably on the second or third set of hooks. The first set is providing you no support.

3. Wide bands are essential. 

How many times have you been wearing a bra and then sat down, only to have the bands of your bra eaten by your fat rolls? You’re not alone. 

This is why we want a bra with a wider band. Similarly to our bra hooks, broader bands are going to leave you with more support and less pain.

4. Invest wisely. 

I know lingerie can be expensive and I’ve tried to find a variety of price points, but some things are worth the extra cash. Bras and lingerie are two of those things. 


Good quality lingerie will last longer, be more comfortable and likely leave you with less irritation.

Most of the brands I’m about to review are available online and online only in Australia, which I know is frustrating and scary for a lot of people, but once you’ve been fitted properly you can order a bra from anywhere!

Now - let’s review some lingerie. As always I’ve rated the cost from $ to $$$ to indicate how expensive they are.

Playful Promises.

If you’ve never heard of Playful Promises then I’m about to change your life. Going up to a size 22H bra and a 28 bottom, Playful Promises is famous for collaborations with plus size queens Gabi Fresh and Felicity Hayward as well as using a diverse range of models to promote their lines. Their lingerie is sexy and playful and I love it.

The set I tried is the Jari set. It's a mix of sexy and cute with its olive green base and pastel yellow details. 

The harness is obviously my favourite part. The briefs fit me perfectly, they’re mid-rise, and they didn’t move or fall down when I walked around either. 

The bra is super comfy. The bands are the correct width for me but I did find that the cups were just a little too high for my liking. This set would be perfect for babes with a very large bust.

Image: Supplied.

Cost: $$

Fit: Slightly too big in the cup.

Size: 22F and 24 bottom.

Underwear For Humanity.

Ethically produced, sustainable plus size fashion is hard to find but Underwear For Humanity is in the wings, ready to take over.


This is just a sneak peek, because this new brand is set to launch in the coming weeks! So make sure you sign up to be the first to know. 

Underwear For Humanity is carbon positive, they go up to a size 26 and all of their garments are made using recycled technology and soft cellulose fabrication. 

Basically, a lot of words that I don’t understand which ultimately mean: good for the environment.

They sent me some pieces to try, and I chucked on the crop top and the briefs to see if they were fat person friendly. I already knew they were though, because I was the fit model for this size. So they were literally made for my body size! 

I love seeing brands using fit models of all sizes because it means the clothes fit so much better and are more structurally sound.

The crop top is made of a thick ribbed material which means it provides you with a little bit more support than your average crop. The bottoms are soft, breathable and super comfy. I have nothing negative to say. This set is a total win.

Image: Supplied.

Cost: $

Fit: Perfection

Size: 22 and 24 bottom.

Love Honey.

I don’t often buy lingerie from Love Honey but I wanted to see what I could find that was a little scandalous, and Love Honey delivered. 

Love Honey sells everything from adult toys and bra sets to baby dolls and basque sets (which is what I’m in). Their plus size range goes up to a size 34 so everyone can feel sexy if they want to. 


Meet the Moonflower Emerald Green Basque Set. I tried the size 24 and I can’t even describe the type of empowerment and desirability I felt when I put this on. I am a goddess and so are you.

The set comes with a bodice and a g-string. I’m not a g-string kind of gal but the bodice was 100 per cent me and 100 per cent sexy and comfy. I do think if you had a larger bust then there may be a bit of a side boob situation, but if that’s your vibe then go with it. It’s also a little tight on me but the fabric has plenty of stretch.

Image: Supplied.

Cost: $$

Fit: Tight but stretchy.

Size: 24.

Best and Less.

Best and Less have some quality plus size options. In my last roadtest I tried their jeans and they are amazing. 

Unfortunately I can’t say the same for their lingerie.

Let’s start with the positives: Best and Less stock bras up to a 24F which is great. They also have a solid range of basics that are size inclusive and also really cheap. 

However when I saw the ‘one size fits all’ briefs I knew we were going to leave on bad terms. Any fat babe will tell you that one size definitely does not fit all.

Surprisingly, the briefs did stretch over my hips but the fabric was basically see-through and the second that I started to move, they slid down. In my opinion, these briefs would fit up to a size 18 comfortably.


The bra is lovely. It’s a great everyday bra and for around $15 I think it’s a good, cheap basic. It is very see-through though. Just an FYI.

Image: Supplied.

Cost: $

Fit: Too small

Size: 22F and one size fits all bottom.

City Chic.

We all know City Chic right? Half of my wardrobe is from their online sales, but have you tried their lingerie? Specifically their Fox and Royal line? This line stocks sexy and colourful lingerie up to a 24F-G!

I tried two different looks from this range and they didn’t disappoint. This is the Marilyn Set and I have a lot of thoughts:

  1. The bra is perfect for me. I love a balconette style bra, and the bands are perfect. I love it.

  2. The waist cincher is cute but not practical. It’s plastic boned, and as someone who owns a few metal boned corsets, take it from me when I say that that when you sit or bend the plastic will buckle and become uncomfortable. But if your goal is to stand around looking like a snack, then get it.

  3. The pants are crotchless, and call me a prude but crotchless knickers are just not it. I understand their practical purpose but I was walking about my house feeling very exposed. The actual fit, though, is superb.

I would wear this set to create an impact for a special someone, but I don’t think the bottoms or the cincher are practical for long wear.

Image: Supplied.


Cost: $$

Fit: The bra is perfect.

Size: 22F and 24 bottom.

Lingerie, and underwear in general, are so subjective. We are all comfortable in different styles on different days but I hope that by seeing my body in some truly phenomenally sexy looks that you feel a little more empowered to step out of your comfort zone and embrace your body, regardless of its size.

My take-home message? All bodies can be sexy. What makes them sexy is confidence, and that comes from within, but beautiful lingerie can definitely help.

Finally, a little FYI: you don’t have to wear a bra if you don’t want to. You don’t have to wear a wired bra if you don’t want to. It’s your life and you need to be comfortable every day. So you buy the bra that’s right for you, just make sure it’s the right size. And get fitted!

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