Change your travel plans: this city was just named the best in the world.

While Paris and Rome and Barcelona have been greedily sucking up the spotlight/the liver function of millennials since the dawn of time, Vienna has been plotting her rise to international superstardom.

And now it’s official: Vienna, people. Vienna is where it’s at.

The capital of Austria just collected the Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living gong for the ninth year running, being named the most liveable city not only in Europe, but ze world.

Did I mention that 2017 was the record-breaking year for Aussies travelling to the epicentre of modern art and architecture? Yeah. There’s that too.

Here are some of the reasons Vienna is the place to visit on your Euro trip in 2018. (Sure, I sound like a telecommercial ad, but hopefully with some more buzzword-y jargon the good people of Vienna fling me a complimentary trip. You see, something tells me I was in Vienna for a period of time in 2014, but can’t quite remember because it was… um… well, Contiki. I’d quite like to revisit the world’s best city in some state of sobriety.)

But before you hop on a plane, let’s talk about seat etiquette. Post continues.


The shopping in Vienna is notoriously good. The big department stores that you know and love – like Zara and Mango – are in Vienna, and boast cheaper prices than what you’ll find back in Australia.

Turek is also a department store limited to Vienna that is renowned for budget-friendly fashion buys.

Cool shopping tours – that take you into the city’s secret boutiques and vintage stores – are also seriously popular.

Coffee, wine and food

Vienna is famous for its wine, which is widely renowned for being some of the best in the world. (I’m sure you’ve booked a ticket just off that information alone, but let’s proceed.) According to Conde Nast Traveler, the one wine you need to sip on is the Wiener Gemischter Satz, a white wine which translates to ‘Viennese mixed blend’.

There are a smattering of Michelin star restaurants in Vienna, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, homemade gingerbread and traditional sausages are available all over the city.

Then there are the coveted coffee shops – which were once frequented by intellectuals, rock stars and artists during the 19th century – which serve as the city’s cultural hub.

Insta-worthy attractions

The city’s most visited spot is the Schonbrunn Palace; a 1441-room residence that represents some of Vienna’s most pivotal history. The palace is a terrific place to wander around and enjoy and (if you are so inclined) take a photo or two.

Other museums and historical buildings in Vienna are heralded for their opulence, and can be visited without much cost at all to tourists. Win.

Have you been to Vienna? Are you surprised by its ranking as Mercer’s most liveable city?

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