The best things on ASOS you can't get anywhere else.

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Like many women with some disposable income I have a strong relationship with ASOS.

I hang out with it on a regular basis, it sends me presents and it’s on me pretty much 24/7.

But you could say that ASOS and I are in a bit of a relationship rut. As much as I love its classic basics and functional work wear that I go back to time after time, I’m looking for something a little more exciting.

Now the ASOS exclusives that I’ve passed over on every shop are catching my eye– the sequins, the bold prints, the bright colours.

But trying new things is stressful– what if it doesn’t suit me, what if it doesn’t fit my figure just right, what if this position makes me pull a muscle?

Thankfully MasterCard is here to help make the process a whole lot smoother.  From November 9th to December 5th, if you’re one of the first 5000 shoppers to use MasterCard on $200 worth of ASOS purchases, you’ll get one year’s free Premier Delivery for free unlimited express shipping and free returns.

That means you can go to town on all those risky (and risqué) pieces that can only be found on ASOS without fear of expensive returns.  Free. Relaxed. No commitment necessary.

And you know what else makes the whole experience a lot more zen? The fact that shopping for exclusive ASOS pieces means that every second person at the grocery store, this year’s Christmas party or your friend’s wedding won’t be wearing the same get up.

But before you go stampeding off to fill up your virtual baskets like I know you’re itching to do, I’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you. Head to your happy place—I’ve trawled the site for some of the best-hidden treasures on offer.

1. ASOS CURVE Exclusive Kimono in Gorgeous Floral Print$95 $67

The best thing about kimonos is that it’s basically an acceptable and trendy way to wear pyjamas to work. Don’t act like you’re not on board with that.

best online buys
We’re on board. Image via ASOS.

2. ASOS Wallpaper Floral Wide Leg Pant$81 $55

‘70s fashion is back with a vengeance and the only way to know if you look as good in flares as you did when you were 12 is to give them another crack.

best online buys
Almost as good as wearing pyjamas out in public. Almost. Image via ASOS.

3. ASOS Midi Skirt In Leather Look With Wrap Detail – $106

If you’re anything like me you have been eyeing off all the leather skirts being worn by office mates/strangers on the street and wondering if they would suit you. Try this hidden treasure; same classic look with a little more comfort than the usual pencil offerings.

best online buys
Comfort and style unite. Image via ASOS.

4. ASOS Rose Gold Plated Brass Mismatch Ear Cuff and Swing Earrings – $26

Treat. Your. Self. Rose gold… we don’t really need to say more.

best online buys
Treat. Your. Self. Image via ASOS.

5. ASOS Cat Velvet Cross Body Bag – $38

Ditch the plain black clutch and boost your handbag game with this purr-fect (see what I did there) velvet cross body bag.

best online buys
Incite cats vs. dog arguments everywhere you go. Image via ASOS.

6. ASOS Flutter Shorts in 70’s Bold Floral Print – $60

If you want to test your ability to sport some bold patterns, these summer shorts are a great place to start.

best online buys
“I can totally wear these to work on Casual Friday right?” Image via ASOS.

7. ASOS Smart Front Bar Detail Backpack – $60

Forget the print heavy, canvas backpacks you remember from school. If want to ditch the side strap and help your posture this functional but stylish backpack is a winner.

best online buys
Aids posture AND style. Image via ASOS.

8. ASOS RESIDENT Ankle Boots – $81

The hidden treasure we know from fairy tales always sparkles. And boy do these treasures sparkle.

best online buys
Bring your sparkle. Image via ASOS.

9. Glamorous Petite Animal Print Shift Dress – $65

Wondering if you can pull off leopard print? There’s no better time than the present to figure it out. This stunning shift dress also comes in the ASOS tall range for our long legged friends.

best online buys
“This stunning shift dress also comes in the ASOS tall range for our long legged friends.” Image via ASOS.

10. ASOS WEDDING Maxi Dress with Wrap Front in Floral Bloom – $138

I think all women can attest that finding something appropriate/beautiful to wear to a wedding is hard. But this floral piece hits the brief.

best online buys
“This floral piece hits the brief.” Image via ASOS.

What’s your favourite buy from ASOS?