This dad has the best hack for stopping kids from messing with your Netflix account.

If you haven’t lost every semblance of your identity in your own home, how do you even know you’re a parent during the school holidays?

Okay, okay, it might not be that bad – but the exaggerated sentiment has some truth to it – as every Aussie parent who’s either just survived, or is about to embark upon, the end of term one school holidays, can attest to.

Everything from your bedroom, to your private snacks hidden in boxes of multi-grain Ryvita, can and will be commandeered in the name of holiday entertainment for the kids. Of course, in many homes, this doesn’t only happen in the holidays – it’s a daily occurrence.

It’s a price all parents accept as collateral damage/cost of having offspring you adore.

But sometimes, boundaries to this obliteration of privacy must be must be drawn: and for this dad, it ends with his sacred Netflix account.

American dad Mike Angiulo tweeted that he was putting his foot down about something very important to him; his sanity-saving Netflix account. Tired of his kids messing with his “lists and history” when they used his profile (presumably to access more ‘sophisticated’ shows), Angiulo decided to rename his account using the most hated thing on Netflix: the words “Install Windows Updates Now.”


The genius hack garnered Angiulo 134,000 likes and 32,000 retweets. He was highly commended for the idea, with parents everywhere rejoicing at the hope of taking back one of their last bastions of free will: their Netflix accounts.

Of course, it went without question that Angiulo is a loving father, as is evidence by this tweet of his daughter:

But sometimes, a parent just needs to pick-up their binge-watching where they left it, unhindered by intrusions.

Other people in response tweeted their own hacks that have helped them prevent their stuff being commandeered by others, the main one being misleading WIFI network names such as “FBI Surveillance” and “virus proliferation testing.”

The entire thread was proof that while most parents will do anything to make their kids happy, including endless sacrifices; their Netflix accounts, one of their main ways to keep sane – can simply not be one of them.

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