The eight brilliant mums you need to be following on Instagram.

I first started my blog as a bit of a creative outlet; a little place where I could connect and share through our journey of motherhood.

Yet over the couple of years I’ve been here, it’s become so much more. It’s become a place where I’ve made some wonderful friends, both online and in real life (and in my head – nudge nudge, Zoe).

These amazing ‘Insta-mums’ are also bloggers, authors, entrepreneurs, and all ’round legends — and they are absolutely dominating the world of IG in my opinion. So get those thumbs ready, ladies, to have a scroll through a few of favourite ‘Insta-mums’ feeds.

Zoe Foster Blake: @zotheysay

So I thought we’d just start with the obvious, right? I mean, Zoe’s amazing, and has that ‘she can totally be my bestie’ vibe about her. Plus her husband is hilarious and her baby is cute AF.

Excuse me while I get a bit (uni)corny, but I want to say thank you for every single person involved, behind the scenes and of course our shiny, sweet and effervescent guests, in the #amazingerface tour, which is now complete, and the used strip lashes next to my bed act as proof. Yesterday’s events at @musecanberra in Canberra were so fun, and so… smiley and feel-goody – I’ve never been thanked more for coming to a city. (So sweet of you guys to make me Prime Minister, too, btw ????) I have long thought that my readers and Go-To users are the very best ladies on earth, and now I know for sure. Enjoy the book, pass it around to your sisters and your girlfriends, try a new eyeliner colour just for shits and giggs, and here’s to your happy, healthy, confident and Amazinger Face! ????????????????????

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Rozalia Russian: @rozalia_russian

Roza, a Melbourne-based lifestyle and fashion blogger, is one of my absolute favourites. She is also mumma to adorable Willow, with another on the way. Roza is hands-down one you need to be following – especially if you love a stylish bump. You can also check out my interview with Roza here.

Revie Jane Schulz: @reviejane

She is the crossfittin’ mama who recently took the world by storm with her gorgeous bump. I am in absolute awe of this babe and her adorable family. Every day she is inspiring women everywhere with her positive approach to body image and self love. She’s definitely at the top of my ‘must-follow’ list on Instagram.

On this day one year ago, I peed on a stick at 4:20am and up came a very faint + symbol. It was faint but it definitely was two lines crossed over each other and I was thrilled. Although I had to then contain my excitement while I coached my members through the morning sessions until I could tell Clay{ahhh that was hard!} I’m holding what was that little + symbol on the beach and it reminds me just how miraculous and magical a child is. Its pretty nuts but two days before I took the test I dreamt I had a little baby girl and I just remember her little face. ???? A big gust of wind came as we took our ‘First Trip to the Beach’ photo ???? Her face is too cute to not post ???? Ps pretty please let me post a photo of my daughter and I without any sunscreen/ hat/ rashie/ umbrella/ sunnies/ etc advice and just appreciate how beautiful the day is and how adorable this kid looks ✌????️???? #firstbeachtrip #3monthsold #andAhalf #pregnancytest #positive

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Tara Dixon: @taradixon

Remember those fabulous friends I said I met through the wonderful world of Instagram? Well, meet my internet-turned-real life bestie, Tara.

This woman is incredible, and kinda crazy if you ask me. She runs several successful businesses, including the uber-stylish Branche, providing original sequinned monogram tees for you and your little one.

Plus her kids are adorable and she likes dumplings and wine – it kind of makes her the perfect human in my eyes!

A fun morning of opening presents with the sweetest boy I know. #flynndixon

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Jules Coffey: @newmumstheword

You know you’ve found your soulmate when you spend all your time tagging one other in hilarious memes about, well, casual alcoholism that are “so us”.

But seriously, this woman is hilarious, she’s intelligent and she’s a massive babe. Plus, she has an adorable baby, a French Bulldog and a husband with a ‘Harvey Spector’ hair cut – honestly, can we tone down it down a bit, guys?

Jess Dempsey: @whatwouldkarldo

So, this is where my inner-creep really comes out. I’ve literally been following Jess since before Instagram existed, I think, back when I was actually ‘cool’ and cared about fashion. I have followed Jess on her journey to motherhood and beyond (yet she stayed stylish AF while I’m still wearing the same maternity leggings from pregnancy number one).


Kelly Freestone: @freestylemama

You know those perfect squares, all white and matchy? That’s Kelly. But Kelly is an absolute beautiful soul both inside and out. Oh and of course her adorable son Mason with his infectious smile. OK, and maybe we kind of arranged a marriage between our children – can you blame me?

NAME CHANGE. I’ve been doing some thinking and decided that we needed a bit of a change. For a few reasons, but basically because it was brought to my attention that when we have another baby said child may feel left out if they aren’t included in my Insta name (like they would care really, but I would feel bad) and I didn’t want to end up having a name that was longer than a news headline. My friend Jules suggested @freestylemama and I laughed at first, but the more I thought about it I realised how smart she actually is. Let me clarify, it’s got nothing to do with freestyle swimming or dancing freestyle, although I can tear up the dance floor when I’ve got some wine on board and feeling a little disinhibited ???? But rather, ‘Free’ because my last name is Freestone, ‘style’ as you can probably tell I’m very much into styling, photography and everything in between, and finally ‘mama’ because, well that one is pretty self explanatory. Anyway long story short change is apparently as good as a holiday (I know, what a load of crap ????) so I hope you all like my witty new name as much as I do once you get past the initial giggling about it. #sittinginbedinmyactivewear

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Kristin Cavallari: @kristincavallari

I’ve been obsessed with K-Cav since her Laguna Beach days. I’ve been there through Steven, through Brodie and her beef with Loz, but all teen reality TV drama aside, I absolutely love this gorgeous mama and her tribe of three.

Nice to see a smile on this girl’s face after over a month of nonstop teething. 4 new ones are through though! Phew…????

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