Mamamia subscribers’ top 5 articles, podcasts and videos for 2021.

With the New Year shaping up to be predictably unpredictable (again), we’re looking back at the year that was.

In early 2021 we launched our subscription service, MPlus, for women who want unlimited access to the best content. 

If you want a taste of what subscribers get each week, we’ve pulled together a list of the most popular content from across the year to whet your appetite and keep you entertained through the New Year break.

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And if this list isn’t long enough for you, there’s way more where that came from. Take a look through the MPlus feed to discover even more great content.

Most Read Articles

  1. When health anxiety derails you: my story by Mia Freedman
  2. The very strategic relaunch of Angelina Jolie by Holly Wainwright
  3. And Just Like That... I changed my mind about the Sex And The City reboot by Mia Freedman
  4. We're being told 'strong is the new skinny'. But is it just diet culture rebranded? by Erin Docherty
  5. Feminism, hotness & the great Em Rata debate by Mia Freedman

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Most Listened to Podcasts

  1. Virginity is Cancelled - Mamamia Out Loud
  2. Belle Gibson: From Teen Mum to Internet Infamy - Extraordinary Stories 
  3. Confessions of Three Idiots - Mamamia Out Loud
  4. Death of the Girl Boss - Mamamia Out Loud
  5. The Feminism of Being Hot - Mamamia Out Loud

Image: Mamamia.


Most Watched Videos

  1. Bad Interviews & Comfort Food - Ask Mia Anything
  2. Famous Meetings - Ask Mia Anything
  3. Sexual Harassment - Ask Mia Anything
  4. Dewy Concealer & SPF Mists - 5 Minutes With Leigh
  5. Trainers - Inside My Wardrobe

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