Five reasons why this noughties teen movie should win an Oscar. Seriously.

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I’m a huge movie buff.

Whether it’s a terrible horror film, an even worse chick flick or any movie starring Zac Efron– odds are I’ve seen it at least once.  It’s not uncommon for me to spend an entire weekend at home leaving the couch only to press play on my laptop and occasionally use the bathroom.

But no matter how many movies I’ve seen, there’s always one I’ll come back to and re-watch whenever I need a great film to cheer me up or just to distract me from my life.

It’s called She’s The Man.

It’s a bit of a cult classic so if you haven’t heard of it, all you need to know is that it’s brilliant.

But I suggest you stop reading, find it on Netflix, watch it and then come back to this article. Now.

Amanda Bynes (in her former prime) plays Viola, a soccer mad teen who dons a wig and tapes her bits to play soccer on the male soccer team at her school, after the women’s team got cut.

It also stars a younger, skinnier but still god damn beautiful Channing Tatum.

Even though it’s technically about sport, She’s The Man is actually filled with ridiculously great feminist lessons. It also turns the ‘dumb jock’ stereotype on its head and presents Tatum’s character as a shy boy who can’t talk to girls, respects women and really likes… cheese?

Dairy jokes aside, I’d estimate that I’ve seen She’s The Man at least 20 times in the years since it was released, while also knowing most of the quotes off-by-heart and always suggesting it whenever someone invites me over for a movie.

It’s a movie that has taught me some seriously kick-ass life lessons that can help you too

1. Being “ladylike” is a big waste of time.

2. Heels were invented for one very ridiculous reason.

3. Personality is so much more important than looks.

4. There is only one real way to break up with someone.

5. And that being yourself is the best thing that you can be.

I asked some of the Mamamia team what movie they never tire of- half because I was interested and half because I’m always looking for some movie options to fit in between She’s The Man viewings- and they had some pretty great answers.


1. Mean Girls.

“Because I can still relate to this movie 11 years on. Every group of women has a Regina George or a Cady Heron, but the movie’s characters actually say everything that we think. That honesty, however mean, is really refreshing.” – Saengtip.

2. Looking for Alibrandi.

“I always watch it when I am sad and feeling like a confused moody teen. It makes me feel nostalgic for doing my HSC in Sydney in the 90s. But in real life I graduated from high school in Melbourne in 2007. And the soundtrack is amazing. There is Neon Ballroom era Silverchair and that song about being a teenager with feelings. God it’s good.” – Jo.

3. Notting Hill.

“Because it keeps my hopes of marrying Ryan Gosling alive. And also because it created the best damn movie quote ever: ‘I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.'” – Emily.

4. Love Actually.

“Where do I even start? It has the most incredible cast, wonderful characters and amazing storylines. I come back to it everything single Christmas.” – Lauren.

5. Empire Records.

“The awesome ’90s sidetrack, Liv Tyler, Renee Zellweger, Anthony La Paglia, the jokes, Rex Manning, it’s quoteability, I could go on…” – Alexis.

6. The Lion King.

“It’s my entire childhood wrapped up in a movie and the soundtrack is the greatest thing ever. Every time I watch it, I get something extra out of it. Sometimes I listen to Circle of Life in the car and think about how we’re all connected. I’m also weirdly attracted to Mufasa.” – Zoe.

7. Breakfast at Tiffanys.

“Because I grew up watching it with my grandmother. I also love that it’s a tribute to New York City, a place I adore. I can picture all the places in my mind when I watch it – I’ve even been to Holly Golightly’s brownstone. There’s nothing like old Hollywood romance to brighten your day.” – Candice.

What movie do you go back to time after time?

Here are a few more movie favourites…

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