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The definitive list of the best movie makeovers of all time.

Where would we be without the humble movie makeover?

It’s been a staple of teen movies pretty much ever since Sandy from Grease learned that the only way to get a man was to completely change your appearance and personality.

But that questionable message aside, there’s a reason why the movie makeover is such a beloved feature.

They show us that anything is possible, and that even the biggest geek can magically be transformed into a glamorous vixen (with the addition of some hair spray, an eyebrow wax, a new outfit AND A LITTLE MOVIE MAGIC).

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Here is the definitive ranking of the best movie makeovers of all time.

1. Grease.

Grease is the movie that cemented the teen movie makeover’s iconic status, and as far as makeovers go, it was one of the most dramatic in movie history.

Because to get the man, poor, pretty, wholesome, innocent, sweet Sandy went from this to this:

Sandy from Grease.

 2. Clueless.

Clueless saw the charitable Cher and Dionne take on the tragic Tai.

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Thanks to their kindness, she was Rollin’ with the Homies in no time.

Tai from Clueless.

[Just while we’re here, RIP Brittany Murphy.]

 3. Never Been Kissed.

Who hasn’t dreamed of going back to high school and having a do-over? Josie Geller got to live out our fantasies. And guess what? She’s not Josie Grossy anymore (but then of course, she never was = moral).

Josie from Never Been Kissed.

4. She’s All That.

Rachael Leigh Cook, who was already clearly a babe, became a SUPER babe after someone removed her glasses, plucked out a rogue eyebrow hair and took away her overalls.

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TBH the premise of this movie is a bit hazy but I know it involved Freddie Prinze Jr making a bet, and The Prom. So yeah, basically it was just like every other teen movie ever.

Laney from She’s All That.

5. Pretty Woman.

OK, so this isn’t a teen movie, but it’s still a classic. And as far as makeovers go? Well, Vivian’s transformation from sex worker to socialite was right up there…

Vivian from Pretty Woman.

6. Princess Diaries.

As a kid, I was desperate to find out that I was secretly royal. And I still can’t go past Mia’s makeover from a dorky teen to a (somewhat) polished and refined princess.

Mia from The Princess Diaries.

7. Mean Girls.

Cady went from Mathlete to Plastic (with a whole lot of witty one liners thrown in). You go, Glenn Coco!

Cady from Mean Girls.

8. The Breakfast Club.

Allison “the basketcase” was a depressed outsider for most of this movie. But with a makeover seemed to come a brand new attitude. Who knew it was that easy?

Allison from The Breakfast Club.

Click through this gallery for more memorable movie makeovers:

Did we miss your favourite movie makeover?