The best of Mamamia Out Loud.

Mamamia Out Loud is three women talking about politics. Three women talking about pantry moths. Three women talking about fashion and family and refugees and rape culture and phone addiction and television and feminism and shoes…

Here are some of the kinds of conversations you can expect from Mamamia Out Loud:

What the hell is a double-dissolution election trigger? (with Jamila Rizvi).

Can I cry at work and still be respected?

Is the IVF industry exploiting vulnerable women?

The first hijab on the Logies red carpet (with guest Susan Carland).

Why 2015 was the year gender fluidity (with Jamila Rizvi and Amy Stockwell).

Why you can’t believe all wellness bloggers (with Jamila Rizvi).

Does changing my Facebook profile picture really help Marriage Equality? (with guest Susan Carland)

Leaning in, leaning out and trying not to throw up.

I’m too tired to care whether my husband cheats on me. (With guest Nikki Gemmell)

Whether Madonna should just put on some pants.

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