Two 100-year-old women share their best beauty tips. And they're timeless.

A lot can change in 100 years, whether it be fashion, social norms, human rights and pop culture.

Some things, like shoulder pads, die a quiet death without objection. Others stand the test of time.

For something to transcend trends and hold firm generation after generation… well, it must be the real deal.

That’s why when we heard about Allure‘s video featuring the best beauty advice from centenarians, we knew we were in for a whole lot of good ol’ fashioned truth bombs from women who have been there, done that.

And if there was ever a perfect example justifying why we should always listen to our elders, this would be it.

Because only a couple of wise, well-lived women could turn a video on makeup tips into an insightful nod to the importance of accepting yourself.

Beauty musts, life advice and everything in between, here’s what we learned from these kick-arse centenarians:

Keep it simple, always

Life is rarely simple, but sometimes we need a reminder that just because something isn’t complicated with a million moving parts, doesn’t mean it’s not what’s right for you.

In a world where there’s a new serum/scrub/cream/motorised cleansing brush on the market every second, it’s comforting to know the latest and most expensive doesn’t automatically translate to being the best.

This is something 101-year-old Betty Turpin lives by.

“[I wash my face] three to four times a day with warm, sudsy water and then rinse it,” she says. “And then I apply just plain ordinary baby oil.”

best makeup tips
101-year-old Clementine knows the power of a statement lip (Image: Allure)

If it's good enough to get Betty through almost a century of skincare, then it's probably got some merit to it.


Similarly, when 104-year-old Helen Jabornik realised she had more important things to do with her time than blowdrying and wrestling with curlers, she kept things simple by removing the problem all together.

"I was in my late 20's when I decided to have a wig," Helen recalls. "It saved me time in the morning, washing, combing and curling my hair."

Fair call — wigs aren't for everyone, but we can all learn a thing or two from Helen's ability to solve her hair woes simply and efficiently.

The takeaway:

In beauty and life, don't over-complicate things by trying to keep up with what everyone else is doing. If it's right for you, then it's right.

Listen: Zoe Foster Blake shares her own golden nuggets of beauty advice. (Post continues after audio.)

The best things last a lifetime

Fads come and go, but things with substance and truth will last a lifetime.

Case in point: The tips Helen and Betty dished out are not only pure gold, but they wouldn't be out of place in this month's issue of Cosmo.

These nuggets of wisdom included always rubbing in your moisturiser or foundation using upwards motions - "never down" according to Betty - saving time with dual-purpose products like a cheek and lip stain, and making sure you don't neglect your decolletage.

The takeaway:

There will always be new things to do and try. But if something's been around for a while (in this case, over 100 years), you can probably trust it's based in truth.

Post continues after this gallery of cult beauty products that have stood the test of time.


Embrace every part of yourself

This isn't easy, especially when we're being hit with varying representations of the same kind of conventional beauty on a daily basis.

The temptation to modify your appearance through weight loss and shapewear, contouring, even cosmetic surgery is everywhere. If you're feeling the pressure, listen up.

"Don't try to make your face tan," Betty urges. "It's the only face you have, honey."

Amen, Betty. Amen (Image: Allure)

Truer words have never been spoken.

The takeaway:

Although part of being an independent woman is having the choice to be and appear however you like, try to base these decisions on what will make you feel your absolute best, rather than what society or pop culture demands of you.

Betty, Helen, Clementine. We thank you for your service.

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