15 women on their favourite shade of lipstick.

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Most women have go-to favourite lippy.

It’s the one they’ve replaced a thousand times; the one they buy two of every time it’s on special just in case the colour is discontinued.

We took a poll of Mamamia HQ to determine our fail-proof, perfect-every-time lipstick shades to share with you. (Links to purchase are in the gallery below.)

1. Reds

“Clarins Poppy red – it’s not like other reds, it’s soft and has the best creamy texture”- Elissa

“My all time favourite red lipstick is Ruby Woo by MAC. It’s the perfect blue based red which is vibrant and classic” – Jacqui

Jacqui wearing Mac's Ruby Woo

"I love NARS Audacious Grace because it’s a bright creamy matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out on my lips. It’s the perfect pop of colour and balance between a red and pink. And OK, I admit it; I secretly like to think I’m channelling Grace Kelly by wearing it too." - Nicky 

"Lancome L'Absolu Rogue in Rogue Mythique -  dark enough to appeal to my inner goth, nourishing enough to deal with my desert-dry lips." - Alyx

2.  Oranges

"MAC Morange is mine. It's dramatic and zingy."- Gemma

"Revlon - orange flip. It took me months to find the exact right orangey-red tone, and no lipstick compares. It's not so red that it ages me or makes me look overdressed for daytime, but it's red enough to still look a bit classic." - Grace

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Pinks and Berries

"MAC Rebel. It's a berry tone that looks awesome with olive skin tones. A deep colour, but not too dark."- Valentina

"Queen B from Sportsgirl. Because BRIGHT and affordable. It's a matte pink shade." -Matilda


"Primrose by Revlon - it's a dead ringer for MAC Angel, but heaps cheaper." - Amy

"I'm a big fan of Eros by Napoleon. I don't really love the colour pink on me, but this shade is a deep, bright pink that's still in the red spectrum, so I love it. It's like a gateway pink for red lipstick addicts." - Kahla

Kahla's gorgeous pick is Eros by Napoleon.


"Mac Embrace Me. SO PINK SO MATTE SO GOOD. It's my go to when I haven't showered/washed my hair etc, an instant pop of colour that gives the illusion of put-togetherness." - Freya

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"I'm loving Sophia, part of Napolean's Matteatstic Collection. It's definitely taken the lead for me; it's the perfect pinky nudey neutral tone"- Emily

Emily wearing 'Sophia" by Napoleon


"NARS Outsider. Love! It's a light, sheer sort of coral. Almost exactly the same as my natural lip colour, but better!" - Jo

"I have a Clinique one that's kind of purply nude and accentuates my lips just enough. I'm a huge fan of all nude lipsticks though"- Dimity 

"Chanel rouge allure velvet in l'amoureuse... its the first matte lipstick I've used that feels creamy and light... and i love the colour.   Also, I use Chantecaille lip chic in camellia most days for a very subtle colour... it's my go-to gloss." - Cecilia

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To make your lipstick look even better, always make sure you keep your lips moisturised. Try one of these lip balms on for size:

Do you have a signature lippy?