The 10 best light knitwear pieces for this awkward in-between weather.

Summer is gone and we’re now in that awkward, in-between season meteorologists call ‘Autumn’.

One minute it’s freezing cold, the next we’re sweating our long-sleeved top off. Oh, and then five minutes later there’s a rainstorm to battle.

It can feel like you have to carry your entire wardrobe with you 24/7 just to be prepared for what the weather throws your way.

Bridget Jones knows the feeling. Image: Mirimax

Unfortunately I don't control the rain clouds, but I do have a 'for-now' solution - light knitwear.

Hear me out. Warm enough to have your back when the temperature drops but not heavy enough to leave you drenched in your own sweat, it's the perfect medium piece for mild days. Plus, it's not only light to wear but also light to carry, meaning you're not burdened down with a big, heavy jumper all day.

Here are our 10 favourites in stores right now.

1. Trenery Zip Breton Knit, $149

The lightweight merino wool and the classic Breton make this an easy piece to wear every day.


2. Bella Freud Prince Cashmere Sweater, $668

Yes, the cost of this jumper is close to a month's rent (or two weeks if you live in Sydney) but it's so soft! And in millennial pink! And with a nostalgic slogan!

Image: Grace Melbourne

3. Monki Fishnet Drawstring Jumper, $69

This has actual holes to let the cool breeze in. You can wear proper clothes underneath (or show off your bra or crop top) and it has a bang on-trend athleisure feel.

Image: ASOS

4. Rusty Surface Crew-Neck Knit, $69.99

The slouchy design and neutral colour make this easy to throw over anything and everything.


5. Portmans Open Sleeve Knit, $79.95

The cold shoulder detail will give you exactly that (plus tick off a major trend for the season.)


6. Topshop Black Tie Flute Sleeve Top, $74.95

With fancy sleeves (just fold them back before you eat!) you can wear this over a top or by itself.


7. Portmans Raised Dot Knit, $69.95

It's light, flamingo pink and covered in hidden dots. What's not to love?


8. Country Road Merino Wool Cardigan, $159

Perfect for when the weather betrays you on the morning you decide to go without stockings.


9. ASOS CURVE Jumper With Stripes and Badges, $63.

The cropped style and bold colour of this makes it perfect for transeasonal layering.


10. Bassike Raglan Sweatshirt, $320

For brunch, work or the gym, the sweatshirt is the perfect Autumn multi-tasker.