The 4 safest (and unsafest) gym classes for pregnant women.

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Confession: I can count the amount of times I’ve exercised during this pregnancy on one hand.

It’s not that I don’t want to – well, I definitely didn’t feel up to it in the first trimester – but I’m so confused about what gym classes I can and can’t do. I know I can walk, but doing laps around my local oval isn’t super enticing for me. I need to be held hostage in a room with others witnessing and silently judging my inflexibility for motivation.

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Since I found myself Googling ‘safe gym classes for pregbots’ at 3am one morning when insomnia struck, I thought some of you might also be experiencing the same kind of couch potato-itis exercise phobia I have.

I spoke to Genevieve Brock, ‘Fernwood’s Exercise Angel‘ (I don’t know what this means, but I want one) about the safest (and unsafest) gym classes to do while pregnant.

Genevieve writes:

Provided there are no pregnancy complications, it is still possible for a regular gym attendee to keep exercising at the same rate initially. It will depend on comfort factors and how the individual is feeling, but now would not be the time to increase exercise intensity or start a radical weight loss regime.

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Exercise needs to be modified according to each trimester, but I’ve identified the following group fitness classes to be the most safe during a woman’s pregnancy. [Ed note: and of course before embarking on any new exercise routine, consult with your doctor beforehand.]

How did you keep fit during pregnancy?