Our favourite red carpet moments from Grammy Awards past.

The Grammys are coming, people. We repeat, The Grammys are coming.

For those of us who care more about the red carpet than the actual awards ceremony (AKA all of us, right?) this means one thing: Dresses.

Sparkly, revealing, silky, colourful, awe-inspiring frocks. Hundreds of them. All covering the famous bits of very famous humans. Now, of course, we relish the chance to celebrate the talent these very famous humans have, but let’s be real, we’re mostly here for the dresses.

So many BIG questions will soon be answered, like:

  • Who will be the most naked?
  • Who will be donning more bling than the Sydney Mardi Gras?
  • Who will come out of this bloodsport as ‘Best’ and ‘Worst Dressed’?

We can’t wait to find out, so we decided to relive our favourite frock moments from Grammy Awards past.