The perfect end-of-year gifts for teachers, as recommended by a teacher.

As the end of another school year approaches, you begin to think about a gift for your little cherub’s teacher.

Boy do they deserve it, too, with all those extra hours of lesson planning and report writing, as well as the energy they put in to making every day special and fun as well as the energy spent on discipline.

It’s exhausting and, let me tell you — as a high school teacher gifts are rare. I was extremely lucky to have junior school, as well as the fact I was the ‘cool art teacher’ and was spoilt rotten most years. The gifts aren’t expected but it’s so nice to know you are appreciated.

I actually appreciated a small scribbled note throughout the year more as it was from the heart, but I’m here to help with some suggestions. Because even though everyone loves chocolate, one year I got enough chocolate I re-gifted a box with every Christmas present I gave, and still had enough left to get me though the year until the next batch. I would have easily put on 35 kilos if I had eaten it all.

Here are some gift ideas for under $50. You’re welcome.


These prints from Toucan are so gorgeous and the words are thoughtful. A great little reminder to keep on your desk to keep you motivated, and only $9. Pop it in a frame from Kmart and you’re onto a winner.

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All teachers need coffee to get us through those early mornings with sometimes 26 energised little bunnies in one room, so a mug makes perfect sense. Also disguises wine really well.



We are humans and we have a life outside of school too so wine is always appreciated. A little hamper is cool if you are chipping in with a few other parents.

Something to carry

Us teachers usually carry a million things with us to class because most kids can’t even remember a pencil these days, so another great idea is something to carry all your stuff in (or even for shopping or the weekend).

A nice mug will always be appreciated. Image via iStock.


Once the school year is over, you might not know it but teachers retreat into hiding with their 14 cats and knitting. So, like me, they would probably appreciate some pyjamas. If budget allows for some Peter Alexander then that’s a lucky ducky, but I’d be more than happy with budget options too.

Cool little things that can decorate their desk.

We teachers spend a lot of time at our desk, so we appreciate having pretty things.

These gorgeous hanging planters are just $35 a set. I’m buying myself some.

These gorgeous hanging planters are just $35 a set. I’m buying myself some.

And these concrete fruits are $25 a pair

If you are still stuck for ideas, then I GIVE UP!

There's always Group Together, a site where you can do a collection with a few other parents and gets something really special.

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