'Foundation sticks are back in. Here are 5 of the best I've tried.'

It's true! Just look at the shelves! Foundation sticks are everywhere right now. 

From what I've seen slinking across my desk in the past few weeks and months, this winter is all about easy, effective and portable coverage.

These clever little sticks can often double down as a concealer, highlighter stick or just your standard all-over foundation. The best part? Lots of these formulas also moonlight as skincare, offering up a new species of hybrid formulas that prioritise the 'your skin but better' approach to coverage. 

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Of course, this doesn't mean you can't wear liquid foundation, silly. We'd never tell you what you can and can't put on your face! It's more to do with the fact that other formulas are just way more popular right now.

They're convenient, easy-to-use and just seem to make life a little easier for people who catch transport while doing their makeup. (Me). As a lazy person who doesn't have time to faff around in the morning, the quick and easy swipe-and-set blend application of foundation sticks is a serious winner.


As I mentioned, there's been a whole heap of new foundation stick launches in 2024 — and we're only halfway through the year. So, if you're looking for some of the best recommendations to get on your face, allow me to assist.

Revlon Colorstay LifeProof Foundation Stick Buff, $26.95.

Image: Chemist Warehouse/Canva.

This is currently on sale at Chemist Warehouse for $15 — and if that's not a sign, I don't know what is. 


While most of these foundations listed below are sheer to medium coverage with a radiant finish, this is a high-coverage formula with a matte finish. While I'm usually a fan of the former, I will say this is beautifully creamy and blends smoothly, covering dark spots and imperfections like a dream (I love using it as a concealer to cover redness and spots I've naughtily picked).

Charlotte Tilbury Unreal Skin Sheer Glow Tint Hydrating Foundation Stick, $63.

Image: Charlotte Tilbury/Canva.


If your criteria looks something like 'lots and lots of glow', this one's for you. This foundation has literally been dubbed 'a ring light in a stick', and I can confirm that it is HIGHLY radiant.

When I wear this, I do a bit of a mixy thing and use this as a base and a teeny drop of liquid foundation on top. It gives me that 'lit from within' effect. Oily girls, it may not be for you.

We actually wrote a full blow-by-blow review of the new Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Stick, including the different shades and how to apply them. Want to see if it's worth it? You can read the road test of the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Stick here.

Nude By Nature Hydra Stick Foundation, $36.95.

Image: Chemist Warehouse/Canva.


While it's not necessarily a new formula, it's a very good one that I really like, so it deserves a mention. Plus, the price is much nicer on the wallet compared to the other stuff on the market. 

With a dewy, radiant finish this gives you beautifully fresh, healthy and even skin. Like most of these formulas, it's also formulated with skin-loving ingredients to help keep your skin happy and hydrated throughout the day.

Oh an hey, it's currently on sale for $25 at Chemist Warehouse right now. Do what you will with that information.

ILIA Skin Rewind Complexion Stick, $80.

Image: Mecca/Canva.


I think I was the last person in the Southern Hemisphere to try the OG Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint, and I loved it and did that thing you do where you tell everyone how good it is and they're already very aware. So, as soon as the complexion stick landed on my desk, I knew I'd have a thing for it.

This has been one of my recent go-tos and I love how it works beautifully for covering up redness or spots. It's totally buildable, non-cakey, wears weightlessly and actually lasts. My current fave!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Beauty Balm Serum Boosted Skin Tint, $76.

Image: Mecca/Canva.


With sheer-to-light coverage (it's super subtle), this newbie gives you the most natural 'your skin but better' finish. I love how I can still see my freckles and everything underneath - it works with your skin rather than covering it up. 

This formula also offers up ingredients like jojoba oil, macadamia oil and peptides delivering a whole swag of nice benefits to the skin. It also has the most beautiful silky texture (and blends seamlessly) for flawless, radiant-looking skin. A serious glow-booster.

Okay, I could go on and on (there's truly some impressive formulas out there), but the point is that I love them. A lot. And you might too.

Do you like foundation sticks? Would you try them? Why/why not? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied. 

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