"Make a Pinterest board for every season." 9 stylish women share their best fashion advice.

Most of my fashion inspiration comes from other women. Whether that's in person or on social media, their daily outfits and shopping advice help inform my wardrobe.

I asked nine stylish women to share their best fashion advice, from smart shopping to pulling together a look. Here's what they had to say.

But first, here are five ways to wear one midi skirt. Post continues after video.

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FiFi Milne, Personal Shopper.

Always put on shoes when trying to work out what to wear - you aren't going out barefoot! Shoes make such a difference in terms of the way you stand and how your clothes fall on you. Plus, shoes add a bit of colour and an edge to an outfit. There's a saying in fashion, "the shoes sell the pants" - suddenly the pants or skirt look chic with the right shoes.

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Lucy Neville, co-host of The Undone and Production Manager.

Comfort is key. It's been said a thousand times, but it's true. I won't go out in something that makes me feel restricted, or even mildly uncomfortable. I like to mix "male/female" clothing (although it goes without saying, anyone can wear anything regardless of the section of the store it's found in) to achieve a more casual and relaxed look. Often I will wear a tight bodysuit to accentuate my waist and boobs, and pair it with baggy jeans, a men's jacket (usually found in a vintage store) and sneakers. Other times I will wear an outfit with absolutely no shape and I feel just as confident, and every now and then I'll wear a traditionally feminine outfit that really shows off my body. Fashion is fluid. You can change it up whenever you like.

Image: Instagram/@lucymneville

Lacey-Jade Christie, Content Creator.

Know what to invest in. Trends come and go but good basics could be with you for a lifetime so invest in good quality products where you can. Items like good jeans and dress pants, blazers and your LBD are worth spending a little bit extra on because they'll stay with you and will never go out of style.

Image: Instagram/@laceyjadechristie


Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle.

Price does tend to equal quality, but that doesn't mean you can't find affordable pieces you'll wear to death. I shop in unexpected places - the boys' section of H&M, the outerwear racks in vintage stores - because I think finding clothes you love is like finding treasure, and I genuinely enjoy trawling! Plus, upcycling is cool.

My hot tips if you're thrift shopping: look for old 'grandma' blouses that have stood the test of time, they look super cool back with straight-leg jeans. Knitwear only gets better as you wear it, and pre-loved wool or cashmere knits are a steal! I love embellished options and oversized "dad" sweaters. Old-school Levi's jeans, retro band tees - you can find any of these at your local Vinnies. It's all in how you style it.

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Eleanor Katelaris, Audience Development Executive.

I'm a creature of habit so when I find a style or store that I love, I don’t wander much. For me, if I find jeans that fit well, I’ll buy them in three different colours (like these paper bag Zara ones). That way, when you’re going to get dressed, you know you’ll look boss and comfortable in anything you pick out. I also love to keep my looks quite chic and elegant. I do this by keeping colour palettes similar (e.g. black, grey and brown) and then accessorising with strappy heels and gold accessories.

Image: Instagram/@el_katelaris

Kristy Koutsogiannis, Stylist and former Fashion Editor.

Dress how you feel, don’t follow any rules and no matter how wild it is always, always have fun with clothes. I’ve spent the last year living in some sort of lockdown in the UK and my clothing has really helped me through it! I’ll wear a velvet gown to go for a walk around the block (true story) if I’m feeling in a good mood, I’ll clash prints to create a talking point with neighbours and friends and if I’m feeling a little down, I’ll put on something magical like a sequin skirt (I have a red maxi one to be specific) and layer it with my animal print slip to lift my mood. We get the privilege to play dress up, take advantage of it!


Image: Instagram/@kristykoutsogiannis

Kee Reece, co-host of The Spill and Branded Audio Manager.

Don't be too concerned with trends. Look at the items you tend to wear the most and invest in different colours or prints or variations of that style to build your capsule wardrobe. Also, tailoring. Find a great tailor and make them your best friend. Altering clothing to suit your proportions really makes a difference.

Image: Instagram/@keereece.


Nicole Palozzi, Stylist.

I always buy statement accessories (shoes, bags, earrings) to have in my wardrobe and I have invested in lots of basics so I can mix and match my pieces and always dress it up with a bold accessory. I also make a Pinterest board for every season so whenever I’m feeling stuck on outfits I have some inspiration.

Image: Instagram/@nicolepalozzi

Lily Allsep, Audience Development Manager.

I like to make sure my wardrobe is as versatile as possible. That means having a few keys items and knowing a few ways you can wear them. For example, I have an oversized men's linen shirt in almost every colour. In summer, I wear it buttoned up over swimmers or when I want to dress it up or it gets into the cooler months, I often leave it unbuttoned, wrap it around and tuck it into jeans to make a wrap top. It can also be used as a jacket in the summer, or worn open as a layer under a coat. I try to find items like this that can work three or more ways, so I know I'll wear it all year long and to any occasion.

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