This family absolutely nailed their holiday Christmas card.

Christmas is a weird time.

If you’re in a relationship you’ve got to field out all the ‘when are you getting married?’ questions, if you’re married, you’re getting all defensive about not having kids, and if you’ve had a bit of a meh year then it’s just one eye roll after the next.

Some straight out lie (no judgement here), some skirt around the issue, but if you belong to the Seawright family, you attack it straight on.


The Emily in question shared blessed us with her family’s Christmas card photo, and we’re seeing it as a shining beacon of hope for all the underachievers, happily single, without-child, and those who are just at a ‘weird’ time in their lives.

Naturally the Internet agrees.

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Emily posted the photo just three days ago and so far it’s garnered over 300 thousand likes, and nearly 53 thousand retweets.


A hashtag #WeAreAllEmily has been started, and people that have felt personally victimised by overt interrogations conducted by well-meaning friends and family have come forward.

“My current Relationship status : ‘Emily’,” says user @shasteenjamae, Youtuber Tyler Oakley said “we are all Emily,” and even actor Myes E. Johson of Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt joined in too, and said “I, too, am Emily,” and to that we say welcome, it’s a safe space.

Somebody even came forward, offering to ‘fix’ her situation, but that’s kind of weird, and gross… Please leave our Emily alone, she is a strong and independent woman, and don’t need no man.

Because come late December, or weddings, birthdays, and big family gatherings, haven’t we all been the Emily / am constantly the Emily of the family?

Yes… yes we have. *group hug*.

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