Got brown eyes? The 3 eyeshadow colours you should avoid.

Images: Getty.

So you’ve landed here because a) you have brown eyes or b) you have blue or green eyes and are kind of disgruntled that this post isn’t for you. For anyone with an eye colour other than brown, your post is coming soon – stay tuned.

For the brown-eyed among us, congratulations, you have the most versatile colour in the eye rainbow, meaning you can wear almost any colour. Almost. There are a few eyeshadow colours you should remove from your makeup routine immediately. Click through the gallery to find out what eyeshadow colours are the most flattering for brown eyes, and which ones you should avoid.

I’m not going to leave you on this post asking what your favourite eyeshadow brands are (although I’d still like to know!) but I’m finishing with this song, because I’ve had it in my head the whole time I’ve been writing this. Enjoy having it stuck in your head too!

No really, what are your fave eyeshadow colours? Brands?