The $18 eye product we can't stop recommending.

Dark circles suck. And while it's something most of us deal with (and totally normal), if you've ever wanted to treat them, you'll know it can be a tricky game. 

More often than not, you can end up forking out a heap on money on different eye treatments only to see little (if any results). And sometimes that sucks more than actually having dark circles. Sigh.

There's also the fact that there are many different things that could be causing your dark circles, and it's not a one size fits all kind of show.

But that's why you've got us.

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Because on a recent episode of You Beauty podcast, a lovely listener by the name of Natalie asked Leigh and Kelly: "Pease share your best eye cream to make eyes feel fresh and reduce circle lines preferably something that won't break the bank if such a unicorn exists."

And our girls came through with the goods.

"Dark circles are hereditary — it has a lot to do with genetics and it also depends on your ethnicity. In fact, it depends on a lot of things so it's not really lifestyle-related," Leigh explained. 


"Improving your lifestyle can help but it's not your ticket out of dark circles. Even if you go to a yoga retreat and sleep for 600 years and drink 45 litres of water, you will still have dark circles."

The good news? While it's not an easy fix topically, there are some products that can help reduce the appearance of tired eyes and bags.

Listen: Want to listen to the full episode? Check it out below. 

And at the top of the list is one we always rave about... Bondi Sands Eye Spy Vitamin C Eye Cream, $17.95. 

"One that I do love that is cheap and cheerful is the Bondi Sands Eye Spy Vitamin C Eye Cream," said Kelly. 

"It's beautiful under makeup and it's really good for dark circles because it's got a peach finish and it's really brightening and luminescent, so the light reflects away which sort of makes [your under eyes] look less dark. I love it," she added.

Formulated with ingredients like vitamin C and Kakadu plum, the most exciting thing about this product is that it works instantly. And as a lazy girl who's quite partial to skincare products that make your skin look better immediately, this is a very good time.

In fact, this guy is so popular it won the best eye product category of the 2024 You Beauty Awards. If you want to read my full review of Bondi Sands Eye Spy Vitamin C Eye Serum, head here).

Image: Myer/Canva.


Another stellar formula that made the list was The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG, $14.60.

On the podcast, Leigh said: "It's basically like eye serum. It de-puffs and treats dark circles. Again, you're not gonna get a miracle. [But] it's $14.60 [and] it helps."

"With anything like an eye cream, you got to use it for a long time for it to work. But this layers beautifully under makeup. So try that." 

We know all of The Ordinary products look kinda... the same... but it's this one:

Image: The Iconic/Canva.


As someone who has tried this under-eye serum, I can say it does work a real treat on puffiness (thanks to the caffeine) and over time helps to improve the appearance of your eyes. 

The formula is also lovely and lightweight, non-sticky and, as Leigh said, sits really nicely under makeup (because there's nothing worse than thick, goopy eye creams that mess up your base).

Also on the list of faves for dark circles was James Cosmetics The Eraser Eye Mask, $35. 


Image: James Cosmetics/Canva.

"The James Cosmetics Eye Mask is one Kelly and I both love. They've got one called The Eraser Eye Mask — it's the black one. I love this one. It tingles my head off but I can put up with it," Leigh said. 

"They're all great but the black is specifically for dark circles."

The best news? They're always on sale.

"Another one I really like is the La Roche-Posay Redermic R Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, $39.99," said Leigh, which she said works well for redness and irritation around the eyes. 


Image: Chemist Warehouse/Canva.

"It's an anti-ageing eye cream, but it's also formulated for sensitive eyes. There's caffeine in there for anti-fatigue. It's just really beautiful. And it's not too expensive. Again, at the time of recording, it's on sale."

Have you tried The Ordinary Eye Serum? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied/Canva 

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