HOLY ACTIVATED ALMONDS: Someone has actually done an honest "Day on a Plate".

Day on a Plate is often very… unrealistic.

Whether it be Pete Evans‘ alkalised water and activated almonds, or any other health nut (pun not intended), most Day on a Plate’s are laughable at best.

Those days are OVER.

Astrid Rot is the hero we don’t deserve.

In her “Day on a Plate” by Fairfax this weekend, the Circus Oz Rock Bang performer was all of us when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet.

She begins the day with a juicy kebab on the way home from a night out. Big tick from us.

She then indulges in some sleepy time tea and a biscuit before having a nap and SAME.

Astrid continues to have her second brekky of pancakes with a bit of fruit and a Berocca, before a lunch/dinner of pasta, beer and popcorn.


Thank you.