From Ali Wong to Hannah Gadsby: The five best comedies on Netflix in 2018.

As winter begins, there is nothing more appealing than cuddling up on the couch with a hot chocolate, a hot water bottle, and some hot comedy on Netflix.

For most people, the scenario unfolds as follows:

Me: What do you want to watch?
Friend: I don’t know, what do you want to watch?
Me: I don’t know…

*continues to scroll through Netflix for two hours to find an appropriately funny film*

Luckily for you, we’ve put together the best comedies on Netflix in 2018, to save you the time and effort of finding one yourself.

1. Champions. 

If you love Mindy Kaling (which trust us, you do) then you will love her show Champions, which is set to drop on Netflix on the 2nd of June aka TODAY.

The plot follows Michael Patel, an openly gay teenager, as he moves from Cleveland to New York City in the pursuit of fame. But when his mother’s (who is played by Mindy Kaling) plan for his attending the school falls through, he is forced to figure out things for himself.

The characters continue to find Michael’s long-lost father, who is a party bachelor/gym owner, and it just gets better from there.

This show has all the ingredients of an easy, funny watch, perfect for a day on the couch.

2. Ibiza. 

When Harper, a 30-year-old New Yorker, is sent on a business trip to Spain, things get a little crazy. It’s not often you see a laugh-out-loud comedy about girls going on a wild ‘business’ trip which ends without a catfight.

In good feminist fashion, you have to watch Ibiza, if for no reason other than the fact that women are represented as being capable of having healthy relationships on holiday. Also, it’s super hilarious.


3. The Kissing Booth. 

If you loved A Christmas Prince, then The Kissing Booth is set to impress you this winter. While the show isn’t officially a comedy, it’s pretty bloody funny. The plot follows Elle Evans, a high schooler who gets to kiss her crush when she runs the kissing booth at the school Spring Carnival. Love follows, but there is only one problem: the crush is her best friend’s brother. Groundbreaking. 

4. Hannah Gadsby: Nannette. 

This stand-up comedy show has been said to be LIFE-CHANGING. The critically-acclaimed, fan favourite comedy show is performed by Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gadsby and is an honest, clever and brutally funny examination of topics surrounding homophobia and mental illness.

The version that will be aired on Netflix is from a live show the comedian did in Sydney earlier in the year.

Hannah Gadsby first rose to prominence after winning the national final of Raw Comedy in 2006, and has become an internationally acclaimed comedian.

The program is set to air on Netflix on June 19th.

5. Ali Wong – Hard Knock Wife

After Ali Wong’s unprecedented success with her first comedy special, Baby Cobra, she disappeared for 12 months to care for her newborn baby.

Well, now Wong is pregnant for a second time, and her second special Hard Knock Wife is the talk of the town.

The hour long stand-up set offers hilarious truths about marriage, work and motherhood, and has been met with critical acclaim.

Trust us, you’ll be crying laughing.