The best nappies and baby wipes have been crowned. Your wallet will cry happy tears.

Parents of newborns and toddlers know the unique brand of hell that is nappy shopping.

Firstly, you need to shop for the goddamn things all the time. Secondly, they’re about as expensive per pop as your mortgage repayments. (A total exaggeration, but we’re exhausted from all the crying and pooping and nappy changing, okay? Give us a break.)

Well we – finally – have good news for mums and dads of babies.

The absolute best nappies and baby wipes have been crowned, and they’re kind on your wallet.

Thousands of Australian consumers were asked by Product Of The Year to pick their favourite products at the supermarket for a variety of categories, including everything from ‘best cheese’ to ‘best electric toothbrush’.

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For nappies and baby wipes? The favourite was overwhelming: Coles Comfy Bots Nappies, and Coles Comfy Bots Baby Wipes polled the best.

Considering these are some of the cheapest products in the baby aisle, we’re cheering.

A 36-pack of newborn nappies costs a cool $6.00, while a jumbo 480-pack of baby wipes will set you back $10.00.

While we’re here, ‘Green Action Dishwashing Liquid’ from ALDI was crowned best dishwashing detergent of 2017, while Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Renewal Moisturiser was awarded best in hair care. As for the best cheese? Keep your eye out for Community Co. Fresh Parmesan Cheese from IGA.

Happy shopping!

Woop! (Image: Getty)
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